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A lot of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are currently on the government's table. With the country's exports continuing their downward spiral, weve seen a lot of headlines recently regarding FTAs, including those in the making with Thailand and Turkey earlier this month. However, as with most of Pakistan's FTAs, each one comes with something to gain and something to lose.
Boy did the political pundits and the pollsters bomb at predicting this election cycle! Philip Tetlock, the renowned expert on failure of expert prediction, must be chuckling, I told you so. Polls not only got it wrong in nearly all of the battleground states, where Hillary Clinton was shown leading right till Election Day, they even failed to detect slightest chink in the Democratic blue wall.
11/9 did not only bring shocking news for Americans and the rest of the world. It also brought a shock to Indians when their Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes were rendered worthless overnight by a single stroke of Modi's pen.
Like all global markets, the Pakistan Stock Exchange and its participants were expecting the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win. Madam President was the message spread around before the vote. Bets were placed and investors took to bed thinking that they would wake up to their desired result.
Lately much of Punjab has been covered by thick smog, which has also blanketed the provincial metropolis of Lahore. Air pollution has become an increasing nuisance in the country. In Punjab, especially in the winter months all the pollutants remain in the lower level of the atmosphere, which combined with fog create smog. There are a variety of explanations floating around, but it seems a hard-core research into the real causes has still been elusive.
In the fast-developing energy infrastructure of Pakistan, there is a need to evolve the tariff mechanism as well. Currently, the practice has been of adopting upfront tariff mechanism whereby the regulator, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) determines the tariff based on its own calculations with comments from the stakeholders taken into account.
In the coming decades, the poorly educated face little better than the dreary prospects of lives of quiet desperation", Malcolm Gillis, President of Rice University said this in a speech less than two decades ago. "The wealth-or poverty-of nations depends on the quality of higher education".