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A month is not a long time from a historical perspective. But Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was making hay in September sun. He started last month bear-hugging his host Shinzo Abe, the Japanese PM and came home with promises of five-year $34-35 billion investment in infrastructure and defense.
Public offices are a little too hesitant to play with technology. But credit must be give where it is due. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has rolled out some pioneering technology solutions to automate governments business process and bring down some barriers in service delivery to the citizens of Punjab.
The idea of Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) in Pakistan has divided views among stakeholders right since the reported promulgation of its ordinance in 2001. CAFs champions hold the issue close to their heart, whereas its detractors term the concept an anathema to Pakistans rural economy. Before delving into why the policy couldn take off the way its supporters wanted, some contentions are summarised below.
Somewhere along the sit-ins and the floods and what not, the LSM numbers were announced. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics said that year-on-year LSM growth stood at 1.14 percent in July 2014. This, compared to 4.13 percent year-on-year growth last year suggests last years growth euphoria has tanked.
Its not exactly a wheels-falling-off-the-wagon scenario, but the manufacturing sector is exhibiting a visible slowdown. The MCBs bimonthly Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) for September shows that the index has contracted by nearly 4 points over July 2014. A confluence of factors - post-Ramazan slowdown, floods-related logistics chasms and political instability - are seen as major reasons behind this.
It is nice to set your goals high - even nicer to set them realistically high, if not ambitiously high. The first Treasury-bill auction of second quarter FY15 fetched only Rs36 billion, against a target of Rs150 billion. And it came as no surprise; the market was not expected to suddenly start participating in short-term papers.
Land reforms keep popping up in drawing room conversations. But for a host of reasons the impact of Pakistan's yesteryear land reforms still appears unclear, which makes it difficult to have an informed discourse on the subject.