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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has directed Collectors of Customs to strictly follow new procedure for export of live animals, it is learnt.

Sources told Business Recorder on Saturday that the FBR has issued instructions to all Model Customs Collectorates (MCCs) in this regard.

Sources explained that under Schedule-II of the Export Policy, issued by the Ministry of Commerce, export of animals is allowed as per procedure & conditions laid down by the concerned division (now Ministry of National Food Security & Research). The Ministry of National Food Security and Research have analysed the procedure in vogue and the following revised procedure/conditions have been approved by the Competent Authority for export of live animals for meat purpose:

Sources said that the exportable quantity of animals for 2012-13 as determined by the Livestock Export Committee will be used as a reference and the following number of meat animals calculated for the first Quarter (July-September will be allowed for commercial export up to September 30, 2013: Cattle/ buffaloes: 30,000 (Thirty thousand); Sheep/goats: 25,000 (Twenty-five thousand) and numbers of camel heads to be exported is 750 (Seven hundred fifty).

The exporter will submit the application to the concerned Quarantine Office on Revised Form-A along with provision of additional information including location of animals; address of nearest approved Temporary Quarantine Station (TQS) and copy of the Consent/Agreement with the owner of the TQS.

The applications will be entertained on first come first served basis and there will be no quota regime for any province or animal quarantine department/office, sources maintained.

Only 1,000 or less live animals will be allowed per application and the exporter will complete export within 15 days. The applicant may apply again subject to provision of proof /creditable evidence that the quantity previously allowed has been exported. However, the request will be considered subject to availability of exportable quantity.

It will be the sole direction of exporter to inform Animal Quarantine Department about the approved TQS where he would like/intend to house his animals during quarantine period. The Temporary Quarantine Station should be near the exit point. The terms and conditions of hiring (if applicable) will be settled between the owner of Temporary Quarantine Station and exporter. The Animal Quarantine Department will neither have any role in any shape or form nor can advise/identify TQS to exporter for keeping the animals. Sources said that no animal will be allowed to enter the Temporary Quarantine Station until it is tagged for identification. The tag may bear serial No. of the animal, year and exporter’s company name in brief.

The vaccines, medicines and vaccinator will be provided/ arranged by the exporter and done under the supervision of respective quarantine officer. The minimum quarantine period shall be 3 days, however, the quarantine officer may increase the period to meet the requirements of tests, etc.

Ministry of National Food Security & Research may request the concerned provincial government to inspect (third party monitoring) the process of quarantine and issue of health certificates on random basis, sources added.

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