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The most efficient K-Electric teams of late have apparently been their cricket and football teams. K-Electric may still tell you that their technical team is as good, but what Karachi witnessed in two days of moderate rain, tells otherwise. Massive power outage spread across the city that continued for hours irked many a people, taking them to streets in the holy month.
The bazaar has spoken. Following its knee-jerk reaction (of negative 848 points) to Brexit last Friday, the KSE-100 extended that slide by 350 points last Monday. But thats that. The benchmark has already recovered more than 60 percent of those losses since then. This bargain hunting pretty much settles the question whether the stock market will actually be affected by it.
We are living in an era of knowledge economies; and there is nothing better than investing in education. Punjab government has realised this fact and is working on to build a knowledge park in Lahore with a project outlay of over $1 billion spanning over two decades. The idea was conceived couple of years back, and a company was formed in October 2014 with Shahid Zaman as the founding CEO.
There is a dearth of reliable, updated, relevant and coherent data in Pakistan on any given subject, pick any; be it manufacturing, trade, agriculture, employment, income distribution, labour, consumption - the last population census was done in 1998 - so on, and often analysts have to turn to international organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the ILO, UNCTAD, UNCOMTRADE, WTO etc. to get a hold of data which, though easily accessible on the web and downloadable in pretty excel workbooks, is often outdated.
In this age of progressive technology, it wouldnt be completely wrong to say that efforts are being made to move the country towards modern financial transactions. The success of branchless banking and mobile banking in the last five years or so is a living reality the same.
The West has seen its second black swan event in less than a year, which is quite phenomenal. First, there was the unexpected rise of the anti-establishment movement in the United States, which brought the election campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders into the mainstream. Despite all odds and predictions, Mr Trump has become the candidate of the Republican Party.
The last monetary policy was nothing but a perplexed statement; and its minutes published recently are also a reflection of policy disconnect from ground realities. Eight of the nine members voted for a 25 bps cut, while only one voted for maintaining status quo.