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It seems like the blues are not yet over for the pharmaceutical sector. The industry stakeholders’ hopes of a rational drug pricing policy may likely not turn into reality.
In 1HFY15, total cement dispatches clocked in at 17.12 million tons, a rise of 6 percent when compared to the same period last year. The growth came on the back of strong domestic demand which saw an up tick of 9 percent year-on-year to stand at a level of 13 million tons during the period. According to sector analysts, this growth is despite political sit-ins and natural calamities milling around the country.
Not that it has ever been able to drive prices of potatoes, wheat or public transport down by a single paisa since 2007; but the Competition Commission of Pakistan has now been around for eight years. Last week this column had hailed the much-delayed appointment of a head of this institution.
Telecom regulator, the Pakistan Telecommuni-cations Authority (PTA) released its annual report earlier this week. The report narrates the industry performance, some of which BR Research has already recounted (see "Telecom indicators are healthy again," published December 31, 2014, and "Telcos in 2014," published December 29, 2014). Instead, lets find out what the regulator had to say on big issues facing the industry.
Congratulations! Following the failure to successfully implement Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA), Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan are now planning to sign a Trilateral Transit Trade Agreement in March 2015. We do not know how it will be abbreviated - perhaps (PAT-TTA) - but we do know that if lessons are not learnt from the past then we are destined for another non-starter.
NEPRAs annual report is just a crude reminder of the inefficiencies that continue to plague the power sector of the country, part of which is the shaky and outdated power grid infrastructure. The priorities need to be set straight; government seems to be focusing on increasing generation capacity, but it shouldn be forgotten that it is the transmission network that cannot take load beyond 15000-20000MW and distribution system that is incurring technical losses in the range of 20 to 30 percent.
From elation to regrets, reservations to consensus, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan's constitution has been amended, unopposed, for the 21st time in the country's history. The just passed bill to amend the article 175 of the constitution states the gravity of the problem. "Extraordinary situation and circumstances exist, which demand special measures for speedy trial of certain offences...there exists grave and unprecedented threat to the integrity of Pakistan." Desperate times do call for desperate measures.