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In the Hollywood movie Wall Street, arguably the most famous drama film ever made on high finance, the protagonist Gordon Gekko up hails greed as driver of all economic progress. Gekko claims that “greed is good... it cuts through the essence of human spirit... [which] has marked the upward surge of mankind”.
In the run-up to the next-generation mobile spectrum auction due on April 7, BR Research would analyse a number of auction modalities, related telecom phenomena, and market propositions. However, at this point, uncertainty prevails over market response, and there are questions more than the answers.
The Federal and Provincial Budgets of current fiscal year envisaged a ig push on the development front as a part of the revival strategy with a combined PSDP of Rs1,155 billion. The larger share, 53 percent, was to be implemented by the four provincial governments and the remainder, 47 percent, by the Federal Government. The targeted growth in development spending was 60 percent over what was spent in FY13.
Bahria Town is perceived to be the best residential society in Rawalpindi and Islamabad despite the fact that it is at a considerable distance from the heart of the Capital. But, because of price differential, excellent town planning and innovation, Bahria Town has become the darling of capital citys inhabitants and had even outpaced the seasoned and influential developers--the DHA.
When one of the more popular products of a company is put out of business coupled with a ban on its most famous technology, a decline in sales seems like the most probable outcome. Does that necessitate a fall in profits? Well, not for Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMC).
It was June last year when Warid was put up for sale by Abu Dhabi Group (ADG), its sole owner. But that sale hasn’t transpired so far. Does the ADG have had a change of heart? Or is it that nobody wants Warid’s hand?
Contrary to popular perception, real estate prices have yet not reverted to the pre-crisis peak of 2007. Data gathered from Zameen.com’s portal show that the average price of one canal (500 square yards) plot in December 2013 was higher by 30 percent over its price in January 2007. That, however, is in rupee terms. In dollar terms, the price in December 2013 was still three-fourth of what it was in January 2007.