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Qureshi flays India for continued Kashmir clamp-down

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Tuesday said that India through August 5 illegal and unilateral actions

Updated Sep 03 2019

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Tuesday said that India through August 5 illegal and unilateral actions has sought to alter the internationally recognised disputed status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to pave the way for changing its demographic structure and identity.

Speaking at a conference here, the foreign minister said that India’s illegal and unilateral actions and its total lockdown of occupied Jammu & Kashmir have created a dire human rights and humanitarian situation and posed serious risks for peace and security.

He said that India has reneged on solemn pledges made to the international community, the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and to Pakistan.

He said that Modi government has trampled upon inalienable right of self-determination of Kashmiri people.

Simultaneously, it has reinforced its occupation with more troops, more guns, and more munitions, he added.

Qureshi said that the innocent, unarmed civilians are facing off against the brute might of an occupation army armed to its teeth. For almost a month now, this in-human military siege of over 8 million Kashmiris and clamp-down on their lives and livelihoods has continued unabated, he added.

He said that four weeks of no medicines, no health-care, no access to basic facilities, no school, and no phone or internet link.

So far, thousands have been arrested, young boys are being picked up, patients are being denied treatment, and pellet guns are being used to quell protests, he said, adding that this brutality, which is unheard of in modern times, is cascading into a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

“These crimes of India, I am not the only one talking about them. The United Nations is talking about them. The British Parliament is talking about them, the European Union is talking about them,the OIC is talking about them”, he said.

He further said that Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch are talking about them.

Qureshi pointed out that there are real fears of what may transpire next:A false flag operation to divert the world’s attention from India’s crimes in IOJ&K. A misadventure across the Line of Control. Even a Rwanda or Srebrenica-like genocide, he added.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Imran Khan is right in asserting that what we are confronted with is a dangerous mindset that draws its inspiration from the ideology of Hitler and Mussolini.

“This extremist exclusionist and Hindu supremacist mindset oversaw the killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat.?It is the same mindset that celebrates pogroms targeting minorities, and justifies mob lynching, he added.

“The latest actions of this clique have created a dangerous and highly combustible cauldron, that could erupt any moment and engulf the entire region”, he warned.

In Afghanistan, he said that major headway continues to be made towards reaching a peace deal between the Taliban and the United States. “This is likely to be followed up with Intra-Afghan negotiations,” he hoped.

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