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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought help from religious scholars to promote unity and awareness about the concept of “State of Medina” in society.

Addressing an Ulema and Mashaikh conference on Monday, the prime minister said he wanted four things from them; (i) educate people about the principles of the “State of Medina” that brought about a revolution in the world; (ii) motivate society towards cleanliness; (iii) exhorts people, particularly, youth, to speak truth as the “country has to wage a jihad for truth, and (iv) unite people by removing division fissures.

The prime minister said there is a great role of religious scholars and the government was striving to transform Pakistan into a welfare state.

“A nation dies when it fail to differentiate between right and wrong, and unfortunately, this difference is invisible in the Pakistani society,” he said, adding that he alone cannot change society and bring about a revolution in thinking.

“Rule of law and taking care of the needs of the people were the principles of the State of Medina,” he said.

The prime minister said only a society can fight against corruption. In this regard, he referred to Singapore where a leader (Lee Kwan Yeo) came to power to successfully curb corruption. The PM said when one of Lee’s ministers was caught for committing corruption, that minister committed suicide because he was fully aware that society would never accept him.

The prime minister said that corruption is another important issue on which the Ulema should educate people to make this menace unacceptable in society, and added that some people (journalists) approached the court urging it to allow the same person convicted by the Supreme Court to speak to people.

The prime minister said those who committed billions of rupees of corruption are seeking ‘NRO’.

Every year 1,000 billion dollar is transferred from poor countries to rich countries through corruption, he added.

The prime minister said that religious scholars can help fight injustice and corruption. “This is the responsibility of the religious leaders to unite the people as the country is blessed with immense natural resources,” he added.

He said he has spoken at almost all forums about Islamophobia, but the West does not understand the feelings of the Muslims because they have linked it with terrorism.

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