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Partly Facetious: Shibli doing a stellar job?

ARTICLE: "Shibli Faraz says that all in Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) are united behind the Prime Minister."

"He ...

Jun 30 2020

ARTICLE: "Shibli Faraz says that all in Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) are united behind the Prime Minister."

"He is doing a stellar job."

"Who? The Prime Minister?"

"Well, if you listen to the Prime Minister then yes the Prime Minister is doing a stellar job....but I was actually referring to Shibli Faraz - he is the third information minister of this government and...."

"And, easily the twentieth spokesperson of this government..."

"Ha, ha; only the twentieth?"

"Right, even more important ministries - say the energy ministry, industries ministry, finance ministry - have fewer direct appointments made by the Prime Minister than the information ministry and this shows the importance placed by The Khan on this ministry."

"Talking of finance Dr Hafeez Sheikh is effectively providing over whelming guidance to many a minister..."

"Though he doesn't want them to head a sub department right? I mean Hammad Azhar has been pushed out of two of these sub-departments that technically come under the Finance Ministry and yet whenever he is summoned at a press conference with Sheikh as the star he is sitting to the right of Dr Sheikh..."

"That's in Sheikh's terms of reference - he informed the prime minister before taking on the job that the only man he would sit to the right of is the prime minister, all others..." "Don't be facetious. Anyway, Shibli Faraz is performing very well and I can gauge that from the fact that no media group, electronic or print, had the temerity to mention those PTI members who did or did not attend the pre-budget voting dinner....that's a big achievement."

"Agreed mission accomplished; however, my comment to Faraz's comment that all PTI members are behind the Prime Minister is united we stand divided we fall."

"That's not nice."

"Why is that! I mean if there is unity no one in the world can threaten..."

"Oh that's what you meant! I thought you meant the government will remain if all are united but as soon as the government is kind of wobbly, the fall is not uniform - some would break ranks with the fallers and become part of the unity that is in government."

"Don't be facetious."

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