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Farhat Ali


Power sector in turmoil

Chairing a meeting on energy reforms a few days ago, prime minister Imran Khan expressed his grave concern over the...
Published 17 Oct, 2020 03:08am

Energy sector challenges

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while chairing a meeting this week to review progress of reforms in the energy sector, is...
Published 03 Oct, 2020 02:45am

SOEs: most viable option

One of the IMF key benchmarks for the current Extended Fund Facility programme is the settlement of the fate of...
Published 19 Sep, 2020 02:44am

Country needs FDI

ARTICLE: The Board of Investment (BoI) last week rolled out an investment promotion strategy for the next three...
Published 05 Sep, 2020 02:50am

'Make in Pakistan'

ARTICLE: Prime Minister Imran Khan this week pledged to promote the local industry and pursue the policy of "Make in...
Published 29 Aug, 2020 02:49am

Two years in power

ARTICLE: The year 2020 will be recorded in history as a year of severe global economic and political turmoil and...
Published 22 Aug, 2020 03:24am

The rationale for subsidies

ARTICLE: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed his adviser on finance Dr Hafeez Shaikh to form a "special cell" to...
Published 25 Jul, 2020 02:49am

A 'solution' out of the box

ARTICLE: Presiding over a meeting of the Economic think tank early this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan called for...
Published 18 Jul, 2020 02:47am

Oil sector

ARTICLE: In end May 2020, the federal government announced a big reduction in the price of petrol by Rs 7.06 per...
Published 04 Jul, 2020 03:02am

The fate of SOEs

ARTICLE: The enthusiasm to turn around State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) through a newly-established entity...
Published 27 Jun, 2020 02:55am

Headhunting professionals

ARTICLE: The federal cabinet has reported to have expressed its reservations on the presentation made by Dr Ishrat...
Published 20 Jun, 2020 04:13am

The challenge of SOEs

The 190 State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) comprising Public Sector Companies (PSCs), Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and Authorities, employing a total of over 425,000 personnel, incur a colossal loss of around Rs 500 billion a year. In other words,
Published 30 May, 2020 12:06am