“There is really something plus about Wasim Akram."

“How dare you try to minimize what our Prime Minister Khan…"

“Hold your horses, I didn't mean to do that!"

“Besides there is no need for Wasim Akram to be labeled as Wasim Akram Plus because he is Wasim Akram, but another can be so labelled implying that he is better than Wasim Akram."

“So who do you reckon is Wasim Akram minus?"

“Will you stop being facetious, The Buzz is Wasim Akram Plus and…"

“But that epithet never took off even though it has been repeated ad nauseum by The Khan, so for any epithet to take off requires I don't know some…some…"

“Well, something or the other, Bilawal's Selected Prime Minister took off while Maryam Nawaz's nalaiq-i-azam (head of incompetents) never ever took off."

“Hmmm, anyway what did you mean by saying that there is something plus about Wasim Akram?"

“The guy is going to play in a cricket match to benefit the bushfire victims in Australia and…"

“Hold on for a minute! Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot possibly have offered to play pro bono, I mean he is now the Prime Minister of this country and he did the right thing by writing to the Australian Prime Minister…."

“Who has been subjected to scathing criticism and abuse in Australia, because he did a Nawaz Sharif/Zardari – he was vacationing outside Australia at the time the country was facing…."

“You would never ever catch The Khan vacationing abroad anymore even though his children are resident in the UK."

“For your information, The Khan has been a frequent traveller abroad, official visits all, and is currently attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, an event that Nawaz Sharif liked to attend though the objective remained unmet, the objective of attracting foreign investors and…"

“The Khan will succeed."

“Economic activity is down and in these circumstances I don't think…"

“With interest at an all time high, 13.25 percent, hot money has begun to enter the economy therefore the objective is already achieved and…"

“I wasn't aware that hot money was a desired form of foreign exchange inflow given that its outflow is at the press of a button on one's computer and…"

“Now you know dimwit."

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