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Jun 04, 2020 PRINT EDITION

Partly Facetious: The Khan's most irksome habits

"I blame Mian sahib our three-time, all three-time dismissed prime minister."

Updated October 11, 2019

"I blame Mian sahib our three-time, all three-time dismissed prime minister."
"Ha ha, that's a new one."
"What? It's old news!"
"Well, the Nawalas focus on the three-time prime minister element, not the three-time dismissed prime minister."
"That's not quite true, some have mentioned that he was dismissed by the powers that be on political as opposed to any other grounds - see like an impeachment and..."
"But if you are impeached you can never ever be a candidate for the president of the USA. While in this country repeated dismissals lead to being re-elected or in cases of the second tier of a party, reappointed at key positions though not necessarily with the same party in power."
"Hmm, but Mian sahib or Zardari sahib didn't give birth to the culture of nepotism or a cut in the award of government projects or indeed write off of past loans or..."
"I get it, but they did not try to end this malaise and..."
"You think The Khan has been successful in this regard so far? What with not a single member of his cabinet a die-hard Khanzadeh, and I am referring to important ministries..."
"But they are louder than the diehard Khanzadehs in condemning the opposition and that must feel good."
"Yeah, yeah, anyway as I said I blame Nawaz Sharif for two of The Khan's most irksome habits which he stubbornly refuses to give up."
"I see where you are going with this. One is talking extempore, granted that Mian sahib's reading of a prepared statement in the White House was laughable, but then the mistakes that The Khan has made at some venues are also ridiculed..."
"Haven't you heard the phrase to err is human..."
"If President XI Jinpeng is reading out from a prepared document then why can't The Khan?"
"Calm down, the complete phrase is to err is human but to forgive is divine... The Khan gives you a taste of divinity every time he inadvertently makes a mistake when he speaks extempore, now which other head of government gave you that option?"
"I am rendered dumb and I am not going to ask what is the second Khan characteristic you blame Nawaz Sharif for."
"I will tell you in any case - Nawaz Sharif never liked meetings, but The Khan is into meetings in a big way, I reckon he heads at least ten meetings a week if not more and..."
"But those who attend the meetings are not served biscuits so I guess the cost..."
"Now I am struck dumb."

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