From July 2019, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) has increased water charges and applied lump-sum thousands of rupees arrears despite the fact that people of Karachi not receiving their due share of water besides no sewerage services are being provided by KW&SB.

Water scarcity and sewage problems in Karachi are not hidden facts as these are being exposed by print and electronic media since long but not lasting solution in sight so far, while KW&SB absolves its responsibilities on pending completion of K-4 project over decades. Contrarily, citizens are being billed ‘Water & Sewerage' services without actual service.

Majority of areas do not get water at all and resort to buy water from ‘tanker mafia' under sponsorship of KW&SB. Thus, citizens pay double, one in the shape of KW&SB bills and other as additional cash payment to tanker mafia. In fact, water flowing in KW&SB lines is disconnected to bills paying consumers and being diverted to tanker mafia, illegally.

Despite the said ground reality, KW&SB has arbitrarily increased water and sewerage charges and imposing as ‘tax' dictatorially, having no locus standi. Under the prevailing situation when FBR is increasing tax net and citizens are responding it positively; it has to be decided whether or not KW&SB's printed bills are taxes or bills?

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi are requested to take note of it and help resolve water crisis and bring to an end illogical billing to Karachiites.

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