New ‘noise radar’ system in tests to automatically fine people with noisy vehicles

Shazma Khan September 2, 2019

All the noise given off by cars and motorcyclists can become really annoying for residents. Hence, a new ‘noise radar’ will help eliminate the problem by detecting the particular vehicles and automatically fining them.

Thanks to a new ‘noise radar’ system from a non-profit environmental organization called Bruitparif, people residing in Villeneuve-le-Roi, a suburb in Paris, would soon no longer be subject to the irritating and loud noise emitted by powerful vehicles.

“We have nothing against Ferraris or Harley Davidsons, but their owners sometimes like to demonstrate their vehicles’ power and the noise really troubles residents,” said Villeneuve official Remy Jourdan.

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As per Digital Trends, the system, which is currently under tests, makes use of four microphones in order to pinpoint the origin of the sound and then link it with the CCTV footage to identify who is making the noise, and measure noise levels. When linked to the police camera, the noise radar can also read license plates and issue tickets.

So far, only 40 of the devices are in use in the city with another 17 been installed at major building sites. However, since the devices are currently under a two-year trial, it isn’t meant to fine anyone just yet, instead to test the capability of the technology and decide the noise levels that can lead to penalties, as per Engadget.

Moreover, the city’s mayor claimed that the noise radar will be activated as soon as a new government draft law permitting such system has been passed, which is expected to be voted on this autumn.

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