Govt’s vision based upon improving lot of downtrodden: PM  

Fawad Maqsood August 17, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday said his government’s vision was based upon the basic humanitarian principles of lifting the conditions of the downtrodden and weaker segments of society.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Sehat Sahulat programme for the disabled, he said the human society had roots in the compassion and consideration for the downtrodden.

He said improving the conditions of deprived segments of society was the responsibility of the state. The Pakistan Tehereek-e-Insaf government’s vision was focused on improving the conditions of weaker people of the society or those unfortunate who had been suffering from various issues.

The prime minister said they wanted to introduce a centralized and data based programme in Pakistan in collaboration with all the institutions, involved in financial support of the poor and deprived classes, and cited launch of the Sahulat Card and the Ehsas programme aimed at improving the economic conditions of the poor.

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