After DRS and flashing bails, microchipped cricket ball to soon hit the stadiums

Ali Ahmed August 17, 2019

Cricket, despite its traditions and history has been quite active in embracing new technologies, and after the flashing bails and DRS technology a cricket ball with an embedded microchip could become the latest introduction in the game.

Developed by the Australian ball manufacturer Kookaburra, the ball is in the final stage of testing and could see it used at Test level soon.

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, the latest product called the ‘SmartBall’ have the ability to deliver instant statistics on speed – at release point, pre-bounce and post-bounce that are more detailed and accurate than the existing radar technology.

The ball is also capable of measuring revolutions at the same points, which is especially useful when it comes to spinners. The SmartBall can also help in making better umpiring decisions by showing whether a ball has definitively hit the bat or the grass, in the case of catches that are too close to call.

Meanwhile, the company Kookaburra is aiming to introduce these balls at the upcoming edition of the Big Bash League (BBL).

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