SINGAPORE: The CBOT soybean November contract is biased to break a support at $8.65 per bushel and fall to $8.56-1/2.

The support is provided by the 123.6% projection level of a wave C from $9.36-1/2. This wave is unlikely to end around $8.56-1/2. It may eventually travel to $8.43, which is suggested by a pennant as well.

The bounce triggered by the support at $8.56-1/2 may end below $8.74-1/2. Even if the wave C has completed around $8.56-1/2, the reversal of the downtrend from $9.48 may not be confirmed until a double-bottom or high-low bottom forms.

A break above $8.74-1/2 could lead to a gain to $8.86-1/2.

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