Sony introduces portable smartphone-controlled air conditioner able to fit in pocket

Shazma Khan July 27, 2019

At a time where temperatures are rising at a dramatic rate, Sony has introduced just the perfect product to keep us cool – a portable, smartphone-controlled air conditioner that can fit in one’s shirt pocket.

Tech giant Sony recently introduced a futuristic, Bluetooth-powered, tiny personal air conditioner dubbed the ‘Reon Pocket’, which can keep a person stay cool at all times.

As per Futurism, the air conditioner is worn just below a person’s neck in the pocket of a special undershirt. As soon as the device is in proper place, the wearer is able to easily control it via a smartphone application.

Using thermoelectric cooling, the Reon Project can reduce a person’s body surface temperature down by 13°C. It can also raise the temperature up by 8°C if the person wants to use the device in winters in order to stay warm, as per Daily Mail.

Video Courtesy: First Flight JP/YouTube

The device is supported both on iOS and Android, comes in with USB port and a battery life of 24 hours and charge time of 2 hours. Sony has put the product up for crowdfunding with price ranging from about $117 to $175 (12,760-19,030 yen), and for now, the device will only launch in Japan.

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