Indian celebrity hairstylist and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Bhavnani has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to invite her to Sindh, Pakistan for her documentary film.

“Imran Khan sir I am a documentary filmmaker from India & have made a documentary on Sindh called @sindhustan I have been rejected twice to get a visa to Sindh but I hear you are different and want peace, so do we! Please invite me and my film to Sindh .. It is my dream," she wrote on Twitter.

Sapna has created a new documentary film that tells the story of the largest migration culture in history. According to Indian media report, ‘Sindhustan' is a seven-year-long effort to tell the stories of first-generation Sindhis who witnessed the 1947 partition with their own eyes. From both sides of the border, many of these men and women were children when the event happened; as Bhavnani collects and curates their stories, she also traces these tales on her own skin.

“Coming from a Sindhi family who uprooted themselves from Pakistan and arrived in Mumbai from Karachi after partition, you think I would have been regaled by tales of how my grandparents braved the choppy waters of Arabian Sea. But I am ashamed to say that I know no such thing," reveals Sapna Bhavnani in an interview with The Indian Express.

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