ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government's economic policies were nearing fruition as it had brought the situation under control.

“We have now got our feet on the ground and got a handle on the economy. But we have told the truth all the time and people understand. Now the fruits are about to come," the prime minister said in an interview with renowned journalist Shaheen Sehbai.

During the discussion short before his return to Pakistan after successful three-day US visit from July 21-23, 2019, the prime minister touched upon the issues including accountability of the opposition leaders, efforts for the economic revival, independent working of the national institutions and harmony between the civil and military ties.

In his article titled “A one-on-one session with Prime Minister Imran Khan: Fully Energized & Recharged, an Angry But Determined Khan Looks Menacing, for Media, Opponents" Shaheen Sehbai explained how austerely the prime minister stayed at the Pakistan House in Washington.

According to the journalist, the prime minister sat at the dining table in the bedroom when he waved at the room and said, “Look this is even better than a 7-star hotel. I will always want to stay here whenever I visit DC."

Shaheen Sehbai said the prime minister had achieved in three days of the US visit what others could not do in weeks because everywhere, his performance had been outstanding. He said such a full press conference by the US president during the foreign dignitaries' visits was rare as only a couple of questions from either side were usually allowed.

According to the article, the prime minister was confident that he would bring around the Taliban and other parties to the table for the Afghan peace dialogue, and also expressed his optimism about the Pakistan-US trade as well as ties between the military leaderships of the two countries.

To a question about the fate of the opposition leaders facing accountability, the prime minister remarked, “I will not let them go." “They have made a mockery of the law and the system and it is time the screw is tightened," he added.

The prime minister wanted the institutions to stand on their own feet and deliver justice in a transparent, credible manner, without fear or favour.

“That is why we tolerated the Aleem Khan episode," he mentioned and strongly indicated that things would have to move within the system and they would keep on moving.

Regarding the Reko Diq case, the prime minister believed that it was caused by corruption at the early stages but he also knew that the decision by the international Court of Justice has opened up a great opportunity for Pakistan to use this huge natural resource.

On his relations with the establishment, he said his ties were as good now as they never were between any political government and the establishment.

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