BR100 3,792 Increased By ▲ 56 (1.49%)
BR30 19,396 Increased By ▲ 295 (1.54%)
KSE100 36,656 Increased By ▲ 465 (1.29%)
KSE30 15,917 Increased By ▲ 224 (1.43%)
CASES 251,625 2753
DEATHS 5,266 69
Sindh 105,533 Cases
Punjab 87,043 Cases
Balochistan 11,185 Cases
Islamabad 14,108 Cases
KP 30,486 Cases

Pakistan’s opening batsman Imam-ul-Haq, who regularly battles the ‘parchi’ tag, has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy, after a Twitter user accused him of cheating and having affairs with multiple girls.

The whole incident started off when an anonymous user posted the screenshots of the cricketer's WhatsApp messages, accusing him of cheating on multiple women and exploiting them. The screenshots have since gone viral on the internet and have divided the social media users, with many questioning the cricketer’s conduct while others criticising the girls involved.

“All those screenshots involving Imam-ul-Haq aren't fake. What's fake is IMAM himself. He played with several women at the same time. This is an awareness message for all the girls, please don't believe someone so easily. It's a bad bad bad world!” wrote one user on Twitter.

While others were of the view that the girl involved are to be blamed equally. “Girls know when to give a shutup call to a guy when needed. In Imam-ul-Haq's case the girl is equally responsible for what she's going through. She chose this for herself by herself. Stop misusing #MeToo,” wrote another user on social media.

Since making his international debut, Imam has emerged as one of the integral parts of Pakistan cricket team and was part of Pakistan World Cup 2019 squad.

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