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Automaker Honda introduced its new electric vehicle that features cameras instead of side view mirrors, boosting efficiency and reducing drag of the vehicle.

Honda’s new electric vehicle, Honda E, will offer a Side Camera Mirror System as a standard feature. The compact cameras will be placed where the normal side view mirrors used to be. Also, inside the car, there is a six-inch screen at each end of the dashboard.

The drivers will be given the option to choose between ‘normal view’ and ‘wide view’, both of which will extend the field of vision further than the traditional side mirrors. The cameras will reduce blind spots by 10% and 50%, respectively.

When the car is in reverse mode, an enhanced camera angle will expand visibility even further. The brightness levels on the interior screens will automatically adjust to light conditions, and as per Honda, it has conducted extensive testing under poor weather, low-light and night-time conditions.

The cameras won’t extend beyond the wheel arches, which will make them more aerodynamic than the conventional mirrors. The cameras will reduce aerodynamic drag by around 90% as compared to the door mirrors, which could result in a 3.8% improvement for the entire vehicle.

Moreover, Honda said that they will reduce drag, boost efficiency, offer a better perspective and also, cut down on wind noise at higher speeds. The production version of the Honda E will be unveiled later this year, and customers can make a reservation for priority ordering online.

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