Mercedes-Benz concept car able to deploy small robot to direct traffic

Shazma Khan May 22, 2019

Ensuring maximum safety for its drivers and riders, Mercedes-Benz showed off its concept car filled with innovating safety-ensuring features, including deploying a mini robot to direct traffic.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz showed off its autonomous Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 concept car that is focused on what car safety technologies could look like in future when self-driving cars have taken over.

In case of any accident or other road hazards, a robotic safety triangle robot called the ‘Warning Triangle 4.0’ deploys itself from the vehicle’s rear bumper, like a smart traffic cone. This could save lives, especially when the vehicle’s occupants aren’t in a condition to warn the oncoming drivers of the mishap.

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A deployable ramp built into the rear bumper of the car lowers the small robot to the ground. The robot can then roll out and warn the oncoming drivers of the accidents, while also communicating with other cars wirelessly, explained Car and Driver.

Another features includes a safer and comfier in the back of the car for back seat passengers, including a rear airbag with special tubular structure. Also, to encourage seatbelts for rear passengers, the car is equipped with USB belt buckles and belt heating.

There is also a pre-safe child seat with preventive tensioning that fixes the child more firmly in the seat, while also monitoring its vital signs. The side-mounted impact protection elements also extend before a crash even occurs, as per Independent Online.

Also, there is a system that uses the belt tensioner to warn driver that they may have underestimated an approaching corner. The vehicle’s Active Brake Assist system can detect pedestrians and cyclists moving parallel to the car. It then provides warning when the driver is about to turn and auto-brake if needed.

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