Irish singer Ed Sheeran has splashed $75 million on houses, flats and restaurants in last seven years. The singer has decided to become somewhat of a magnate, snapping up flats, houses and restaurant across London and Suffolk.

A financial expert told The Sun, “He's been incredibly shrewd by ploughing his money into property. And by focusing on London, where the market is still growing, he can charge top whack to renters. There's every chance tenants are unaware they are handing money over to a multi-millionaire singer."

Currently, Ed now owns four houses in Suffolk, two flats near Shoreditch, six flats in Hammersmith, three homes in Holland Park, two houses in Chiswick and a house in Notting Hill. And on top of this, he has reportedly bagged himself a restaurant too.

The 28-year-old singer who didn't have anywhere to live in 2008, 2009 and 2010 has now become a property magnate with such high profile properties across UK. He used to sleep on the London underground or on friends' sofas after shows.

He was the highest earning singer last year, his ‘Divide Tour' let alone made a reported £342 million.

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