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Though 2018 has been a year full of scandals and data breaches for tech industry, some employees still praised their executives for their leadership, of which Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella surpassed all.

Comparably, website that rates firms across a number of various areas, released a list of Best CEOs of 2018 is US, in terms of voting by the employees. Nadella made it to the first place followed by ­­The Home Depot’s CEO Craig Menear as the second and Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the third place, surpassing all other biggies.

“Microsoft had thousands of employees partake in the study. (Nadella) had incredible scores from his team,” said Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Comparably.

Microsoft briefly ousts Apple as the most valuable company

Nazar said Microsoft employees have had time to see ‘how he dealt when times were really good, but also when there were mishaps. The team felt that he handled the mishaps with grace’.

Apart from Nadella, other tech biggies also made it to the list including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at 6th place, Apple CEO Tim Cook at 12th position, Space/Tesla CEO Elon Musk ranked at 19th place, Dell CEO Michael Dell as 25th, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi at 27th, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at 33rd place and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at 37th position.

Nadella was appointed Microsoft’s CEO back in 2014. Since then, Nadella has made numerous advancements in the firm’s cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence, while also focusing on emerging technologies from old software and hardware business.

The data was complied via survey responses from anonymous employees at some of the country’s largest companies that have 500 or more employees. The website then assembled data from around 10 million rating across 50,000 US firms, wrote USA Today.

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