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Jun 01, 2020 PRINT EDITION

OnePlus recently launched its OnePlus 6 with glass sandwich design (front-rear glass frame), but looks like the design backfired as users have reported their phone’s back panel spontaneously cracking.

Many users of the newly launched OnePlus 6 have reported that the phone’s glass back panel cracked by itself, without any drop. Users took to the discussion website Reddit to report the cracks.

Two of them reported cracks at the exact same location near the phone’s volume keys with a similar pattern. Both of the phones had official protective cases and both the users said that their phones weren’t dropped right before the cracks, however, one of the admitted to dropping the phone previously on three occasions.

Those users that have never dropped their phones once and always had them in wooden cases went through similar situation too.

OnePlus launches red color variant of OnePlus 6

Among the several users reporting the incident, some of them suggested that the device has a ‘delicate edge’ near its volume keys. Where some users believe they might have received their devices from a failed batch, others believe it is a design flaw, as such WCCF Tech.

When contacted OnePlus, a user was informed of an $88 charge for replacing the back panel, wrote Android Headlines. However, it is still not sure if the company is further investigating the issue or not.

Moreover, as of for the specs of the device, OnePlus 6 that was launched this May is the company’s fastest-selling smartphone till yet with around a million units sold in almost three weeks. The phone features up to 6GB to 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage. The phone is available in four colors: Midnight Black, Silk White, Mirror Black and Red (which was introduced later on).

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