Mining corporation Rio Tinto have manufactured a completely self directed autonomous train which has already started to operate.

The firm declared that the train completed its initial independent mission successfully in Western Australia as a part of miner's so-called ‘AutoHaul' program. The train travelled around 100 kilometers (62 miles), initially without any passengers.

CEO of Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Chris Salisbury expressed, “Rio Tinto is proud to be a leader in innovation and autonomous technology in the global mining industry which is delivering long-term competitive advantages as we build the mines of the future. New roles are being created to manage our future operations and we are preparing our current workforce for new ways of working to ensure they remain part of our industry."

After autonomous cars, company launches self-driving trucks

The train is the first step in the company's goals of having completely self-driven train networks. Though the company has tested these type of autonomous trains earlier, but there was always a driver by its side in case of any mishap, reported Futurism.

According to Salisbury, the successful test put the organization a step closer in achieving its goals of operating world's first entirely autonomous heavy-haul, long-distance rail network. This would also lead to safety and productivity advantages for the business.

Rio Tinto aims to have a complete autonomous train network by late next year after meeting safety and acceptance measure along with attaining the required regulatory approvals, as per The West Australian.

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