Rihanna accused of stealing song

Asfia Afzal April 6, 2015

imageBarbadian singer Rihanna who has released her latest single ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ has been accused of stealing the song from rapper Just Brittany. Just Brittany’s track ‘Have My Money’ was released nine months ago, and there are common points between the song and Rihanna's number.

According to Daily Mail, Just Brittany’s song was released on SoundCloud nine months ago. While not garnering much fan-fare or media attention at the time, it has now come to dominate social media after Rihanna released her track on March 26. Meanwhile, after claims of intellectual property theft began to surface online, many fans agreed saying a lawsuit ‘made sense’ to them.

Rihanna released her latest single on March 26 and also performed the song on ‘iHeartRadio Music Awards’. Some fans believes that ‘it’s too’ similar with Brittany’s song while some said that Rihanna’s song is ‘bit too hotter’ than that.

Both the songs have similar title, similar hook and both are the club songs.

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