2017 solar eclipse on its way!

Muhammad Iqbal February 6, 2011


A solar eclipse is expected to grace the skies in August.


On August 21 people of United States, will see a solar eclipse, a phenomenon that happens when the moon passes between Earth and the Sun.


Expected to begin over the Pacific Ocean at 15:46 GMT, the solar eclipse would be at its maximum point on the coast of Oregon at Lincoln City at 17:17 GMT. The longest duration for this solar eclipse will take place in Illinois for about two minutes, 43 seconds, starting at 1:20 p.m. CDT.


‘Path of totality’ – areas where a total solar eclipse is visible – would occur in the United States. NASA exclaims that people shouldn’t miss this solar eclipse, it’s rare.


People standing directly under moon’s shadow will be able to observe the disc of moon moving in front of sun until it entirely covers it up and leaves a ring of light around the edge. However, people standing at indirect positions from the moon’s shadow will witness a partial eclipse but, the sky will possibly go dark and a decrease in temperature would be observed, informs Mirror.co.


NASA calls the occurrence of solar eclipse as a ‘celestial coincidence’ because the sun is almost 400 times wider than moon and about 400 times farther away.


However, NASA has warned that people shouldn’t be looking directly at the sun because it can damage eyes. In order to view the solar eclipse, people should probably get a pair of solar viewing glasses for themselves.


The last time United Stated witnessed a solar eclipse was around 40 years ago in 1979. The next total solar eclipse won’t occur for the United States before April 4, 2024, reports CNN.

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