North America Stay updated with Business News, Pakistan news, Current world news and latest world news with Business Recorder.. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:17:25 +0000 SRA Framework 2.0 en-gb Monica Lewinsky says she was cyber-bullying Patient Zero imageNEW YORK: Monica Lewinsky said she was one of the first victims of cyber-bullying, becoming "Patient Zero" after falling in love with Bill Clinton, as the former White House intern gave her first speech in 13 years on Monday.

In an emotional address at Forbes' inaugural Under 30 summit in Philadelphia that recalled the 1998 sex scandal with Clinton, the 41-year-old brunette announced a campaign to end online bullying.

Lewinsky told a packed auditorium that she was "the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet."

"I was Patient Zero," she said.

"There was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram back then.

"But there were gossip, news and entertainment websites replete with comment sections and emails which could be forwarded.

"Of course, it was all done on the excruciatingly slow dial up. Yet around the world this story went. A viral phenomenon that, you could argue, was the first moment of truly 'social media'."

She spoke of her shame and depression and of harboring suicidal thoughts after news of the 1998 sex scandal broke.

"Staring at the computer screen, I spent the day shouting: 'oh my god!' and 'I can't believe they put that in' or 'That's so out of context,'" she said.

"And those were the only thoughts that interrupted a relentless mantra in my head: 'I want to die.'"

She said she was motivated to campaign against cyber-bullying by the 2010 suicide of an 18-year-old New Jersey freshman who was haunted online after being secretly filmed kissing another man.

"Having survived myself, what I want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive, too," she said. "I want to put my suffering to good use and give purpose to my past."

Lewinsky also joined Twitter, describing herself on her @MonicaLewinsky profile as a social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair magazine and a "knitter of things without sleeves."

Within hours she racked up more than 18,000 followers for an account verified by the microblogging service.

Her first tweet was "#HereWeGo" and her second said she was "excited (and nervous) to speak" at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai is scheduled to speak at the same event on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Lewinsky broke her silence about her affair with Clinton, in a piece for Vanity Fair.

"I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I've decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past," she wrote.

After news of the affair broke, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives in December 1998 but was acquitted by the Senate.

His wife Hillary, a former secretary of state widely tipped to run for president in 2016, says she has "moved on" from the scandal.

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US cautiously optimistic after no new Ebola in 5 days imageWASHINGTON: With no new Ebola cases in five days, US authorities were cautious but hopeful Monday that the virus has been contained in the United States after a flawed response revealed shortcomings in the system.

The fiancee of a Liberian man who died of Ebola earlier this month in Dallas, Texas was among nearly 50 people who emerged from three weeks of quarantine without any signs of illness from exposure to the virus that has killed more than 4,500 in West Africa since the beginning of this year.

About 100 more people, most of them health care workers, are being tracked in Texas after coming in contact with the first patient diagnosed in the United States in late September.

Still, officials said it was reassuring that no new infections had emerged in recent days.

"We are breathing a little bit easier, but we are still holding our breath," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Those who are no longer in danger include a group of health care workers and community members who may have had contact with the Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan, between September 24 when he began showing symptoms and September 28 when he was isolated in a Dallas hospital.

"This is a crucial milestone for the city of Dallas and for concerned persons across the United States," said Mark Rupp, an infectious disease specialist at Nebraska Medical Center, which has treated two US Ebola patients after they were infected in Liberia this year.

"I hope this reinforces the message that the public is safe and that Ebola is not very infectious in its early stages."

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Mexico catches gang's 'maximum leader' in missing students case imageACAPULCO: Mexican authorities announced Friday the arrest of the "maximum leader" of a drug gang accused of colluding with crooked police in the disappearance of 43 college students.

Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said the arrest of Guerreros Unidos kingpin Sidronio Casarrubias would open a "new line of investigation that can quickly and more easily get us closer to the truth" in the case.

The announcement came hours after thousands of protesters marched in Acapulco to demand the safe return of the 43 young men, who went missing in the southern state of Guerrero three weeks ago.

Tomas Zeron, director of investigations in the prosecutor's office, said the "maximum leader" of the Guerrero-based gang was arrested Thursday at a police checkpoint on a highway between Mexico City and the nearby city of Toluca.

The announcement came three days after authorities said another Guerreros Unidos leader, Benjamin Mondragon, killed himself when federal police surrounded him in the central state of Morelos.

Authorities say the gang worked hand-in-hand with corrupt municipal officers in a night of violence in the city of Iguala on September 26 that left six people dead and the 43 aspiring teachers missing.

Iguala's officers shot at the students' buses and then handed them to their counterparts in the neighboring town of Cocula, who delivered the 43 young men to the Guerreros Unidos, according to authorities.

Casarrubias denied ordering the attack on the students but was informed when it happened and did nothing to stop it, Murillo Karam said.

A total of 36 municipal officers have been arrested in the case, along with 17 Guerreros Unidos members and their boss, he said.

The attorney general said investigators are still analyzing the contents of three mass graves found near Iguala after declaring last week that 28 bodies in one pit did not belong to the students.

More than 1,200 security forces are looking for the college students around Iguala.

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US policeman who shot dead teen 'feared for his life' imageNEW YORK: The police officer who shot dead Michael Brown in the US town of Ferguson says he was pinned in his vehicle and struggling over his gun with the black teenager, a news report said Friday.

Brown's death two months ago sparked ongoing protests, some violent, in the town near St. Louis and shone a spotlight on police tactics in the United States and relations between US law enforcement and African Americans.

The white policeman, Darren Wilson, has told investigators that he feared for his life, The New York Times reported, citing government officials briefed on the federal civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of Brown, 18.

During the scuffle, Brown reached for the officer's gun, according to Wilson. The weapon was fired twice in the car, FBI forensics tests have revealed.

The first bullet hit Brown in the arm and the second bullet missed.

Wilson also told authorities that Brown had punched and scratched him repeatedly, the Times reported.

The first public account of Wilson's testimony to investigators does not explain why, after he emerged from his vehicle, he fired at Brown multiple times. It also contradicts some witness accounts which said Brown appeared to be surrendering with his arms held aloft.

Police officers typically have wide latitude to use lethal force if they reasonably believe that they are in imminent danger.

The federal investigation into the August 9 shooting continues.

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Hospital worker suspected of contact with Ebola patient is on cruise imageWASHINGTON: A health care worker who may have come in contact with fluids from an Ebola patient who died in Texas is now on vacation on a cruise ship, the US State Department said.

The person is not showing symptoms of the disease and is voluntarily remaining in their cabin, it said.

"It has been 19 days since the passenger may have processed the since deceased patient's fluid samples," the department said in a statement.

But the State Department is working with the cruise line "to safely bring them back to the United States out of an abundance of caution," it said.

This employee left on a cruise ship out of Galveston, Texas on October 12. The employee's name and gender were not given.

"The employee did not have direct contact with the since deceased Ebola patient, but may have had contact with clinical specimens collected from him," it said.

This was a reference to Liberian sufferer Thomas Eric Duncan, who died in a Dallas hospital October 8.

The person left the United States on the cruise ship before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its requirements for monitoring of people who may have had contact with Duncan, the statement said.

Two health care workers who treated Duncan have become infected with Ebola and moved to other hospitals in the US.

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Obama authorizes reservists for Ebola fight in W.Africa imageWASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Thursday authorized the Pentagon to send reservists to take part in a US mission to combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Obama said reservists could be called up to active duty for humanitarian aid operations "related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa," according to an executive order released by the White House.

The US military has said it plans a force of 3,200 troops in Liberia and Senegal to provide logistical and engineering support in the international fight against the deadly virus, but said it has approval to expand the mission to nearly 4,000 if needed.

There are now more than 500 active duty troops in Liberia and Senegal for the mission.

The reservists -- who would be called up due to their particular technical expertise -- would be part of that 4,000-strong force, a military official said.

In January 2010, Obama ordered the deployment of reservists to Haiti to take part in humanitarian aid work in the wake of a devastating earthquake that killed more than 250,000 people.

At the height of that operation, more than 20,000 US soldiers were in the Caribbean country.

On Wednesday, Obama once again urged the international community to do more to combat the outbreak of the virus, which has killed nearly 4,500 people, almost all of them in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

In a videoconference with his British, French, German and Italian counterparts, he called on them to "make a more significant" contribution to the fight.

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Top US lawmakers urge W.Africa travel ban imageWASHINGTON: Senior US lawmakers overseeing homeland security on Wednesday joined calls for authorities to impose a temporary ban on travel from West Africa, in order to prevent an Ebola outbreak.

Two American health-care workers at a Dallas, Texas hospital have been diagnosed with Ebola after caring for a Liberian man who died of the disease last week, and President Barack Obama's administration has shifted into overdrive in efforts to contain the disease's spread.

"A temporary ban on travel to the United States from countries afflicted with the virus is something that the president should absolutely consider along with any other appropriate actions as doubts about the security of our air travel systems grow," House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement.

House Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul and several of his subcommittee chairs wrote to Homeland Security Department boss Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry urging them to take specific action, alleging that there are weaknesses in the US health care system.

"In light of these current vulnerabilities, we urge you to consider temporarily suspending the visas of individuals from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone until the outbreak is under control," wrote McCaul and five subcommittee chairs, all Republicans.

They also suggested that anyone who contracts Ebola in the United States be transferred to one of four hospitals best prepared to handle such cases: Emory University Hospital in Georgia, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, Nebraska Medical Center or the St. Patrick Hospital in Montana.

The remarks came a day before top US health experts testify to a House panel about the official response to the outbreak, which has caused concern among several lawmakers, particularly after it was revealed that the second person to contract Ebola in the United States travelled on a commercial flight from Ohio to Texas shortly before being diagnosed.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas called for stronger leadership from the White House.

"Hope is not a strategy," Cruz wrote in the Texas Tribune. "Given the gravity of the threat, common sense dictates that it's time to ban flights from the countries afflicted by Ebola."

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World vows Ebola action as second US case stirs fears imageWASHINGTON: World leaders declared the Ebola outbreak the worst global health emergency in years, as President Barack Obama vowed a "much more aggressive" response to the spreading virus, which has killed nearly 4,500 people.

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on the world to do more, while insisting his own country would be "much more aggressive" in its response, after a second Texas hospital worker tested positive.

The fact that the newly infected Dallas caregiver took a domestic flight a day before she was quarantined magnified global fears about air travel -- concerns Obama tried to tamp down after national crisis talks.

"We are going to have to make sure that we do not lose sight of the importance of the international response to what is taking place in West Africa," Obama said after meeting with his top advisors.

Earlier, Obama called his counterparts from Britain, France, Germany and Italy to better coordinate their plan to combat the outbreak.

"Leaders agreed that this was the most serious international public health emergency in recent years and that the international community needed to do much more and faster," British Prime Minister David Cameron's office said.

Obama urged Cameron, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, France's President Francois Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to "make a more significant" contribution to the fight, the White House said.

European Union health ministers are to meet in Brussels on Thursday, with member states under pressure to follow Washington in sending troops to West Africa to help fight the virus.

The United Nations Security Council urged the international community to "accelerate and dramatically expand" aid to the West African countries battling the epidemic.

In a unanimously adopted statement, the 15-member body warned that the world's response "has failed to date to adequately address the magnitude of the outbreak and its effects."

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As Hillary Clinton stumps for Democrats, 2016 looms large

imageWASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail Wednesday in support of a Democratic Senate hopeful, but she sounded every inch like the prospective frontrunner for the 2016 presidential race.

The former secretary of state was in Kentucky lending her political star power to Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has mounted an underdog challenge to unseat five-term Senator Mitch McConnell, the chamber's top Republican.

The race, in which polls show McConnell with a slim lead, has garnered national attention for possibly playing a role in Republican efforts to take back the Senate.

And while Clinton made no mention of her potential White House dreams, her passionate speech recalled how she very nearly became the first Democratic presidential nominee.

"You know, in 2008 so many people opened their hearts and their homes to me," she reminded a throng of Grimes supporters in Louisville.

"Let's put another crack in that glass ceiling and elect this incredible young woman to the United States Senate."

The event follows several political appearances by Clinton in recent weeks, including one with Colorado's embattled Senator Mark Udall and a stop in Pennsylvania supporting the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

But Wednesday's speech may have been the most political of all for Clinton, who touched on several themes -- improving opportunities for the middle class, bettering education, raising the minimum wage, and especially boosting women's rights -- which could lay groundwork for a presidential campaign should she choose to run.

"It's just unbelievable that in this day and time someone would be telling the women of Kentucky they don't deserve equal pay for equal work," Clinton boomed, referring to McConnell.

"Whether you're a woman or a man, this is a family issue, this is a fairness issue, this is an economic issue.

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Obama to hold Ebola meeting at White House, postpones trip imageWASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama abruptly postponed a political trip he was to make on Wednesday to stay at the White House to convene a high-level meeting about the Ebola outbreak.

The White House said Obama's trip to New Jersey and Connecticut has been postponed.

"Later this afternoon, the president will convene a meeting at the White House of his team coordinating the government's response to the Ebola outbreak," spokesman Josh Earnest said.

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