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McAfee arrested in Guatemala for illegal entry

john-mcafee-010 copy copyAYESHA SIDDIQUI


KARACHI: Guatemala has arrested software guru, John McAfee for entering the country illegally; he now fears deportation to Belize.


According to sources, 67-year-old McAfee has been on the run for about three weeks from Belize authorities who want him for an investigation for the murder of McAfee’s neighbor in Belize. Sources added the Belizean authorities have claimed that McAfee is not a prime suspect.


McAfee was seeking asylum in Guatemala though authorities arrested him at the Intercontinental Hotel in Guatemala City. He was escorted by an Interpol officer and Guatemalan police to an immigration department.


McAfee’s neighbor who was murdered, had been in a quarrel with him. The software pioneer believes the Belize government wanted him to write a huge amount to them though the ruling party has denied the claim.


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