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French PM says disputed labour bill open to amendment PARIS: A draft bill to loosen rigid French labour laws that has infuriated trade unions and left-wing lawmakers will be open to parliamentary amendment but will go ahead, Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Tuesday. The bill, published last week, would make layoffs easier, cap compensation for economic redundancies and allow company-level negotiations on reducing overtime pay."I'll go through with it to the end," Valls said on RTL radio in response to a business owner, who said he would immediately hire 47 additional staff for his tourism company if he was sure the law would go into effect, supporting Valls's contention that companies will recruit more staff if they can make layoffs more easily. Valls cited "flexicurity" employment policies in Denmark and Sweden and German labour reforms as examples of how the planned measures could help bring down France's stubborn 10.6 percent unemployment rate.Trade unions ranging from the hardline ...