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Bernard Minor spent 26 years behind bars for murdering a drug dealer who owed him $400. Now, the ex-con spends his days teaching others to keep their rage in check, one of the swelling ranks of America's anger therapists.
Johnny Weissmuller was said to walk the grounds of this retirement home letting out his trademark Tarzan yell. Another resident wistfully recalls missing out on a date with Marilyn Monroe, while a third has stories about "Walt" or "Frank" - that is Walt Disney or Frank Sinatra.
It had everything you'd find at a film premiere: the red carpet, the stars, the photographers and the celebrity interviews. But Nollywood film "The CEO" had something else - an Airbus A340-300.
In any contract of Bridge specially the NT contract the timing in play is of utmost importance. For it can determine the tempo of the hand that seizes the initiative in establishing his longest running suit. It is, therefore, imperative for a good declarer to plan his play of a no trump contract in a manner that gives him the maximum chance of making the game.
Russell Crowe was preparing on set to shoot Ridley Scott's 2010 epic "Robin Hood" when word reached him that his co-star, stage and screen legend William Hurt, was freaking out.
Driving down Khayaban-i-Jami two days before the May 30 deadline for taking down billboards given by the Apex Court's, I saw two persons up on a 60-foot high billboard frame hanging a new advertisement. This was at the crossroads which used to be called Submarine Chowk. It was evident nobody respected the Supreme Court order or had any fear of being punished.
During the beginning of the third official Pakistan-United States honeymoon, I mean beginning of the second Afghan war in 2001, Christina Amanpour of CNN was comfortably sitting in Rawalpindi's Army House to interview Washington's darling General Pervez Musharraf. In her Armenian-dominated accent, she posed one very ticklish question to Pakistan's military ruler: "Will you share military operations with the US Army inside and around Afghanistan besides sharing Intelligence? General Pervez Musharraf, who had in his career also served as Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) replied in a big "No".