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Cities are places of plenty, with the most opportunities and material comforts, yet they are often also where things go to waste. Roughly one-third of the food produced globally for human consumption is lost or wasted - about 1.3 billion tons per year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.
The artworks of Kiran Saleem in a solo show titled "To See or Not to See" at Sanat Gallery, Karachi celebrated the traditional painting techniques and encourage viewers to take second, closer look to the art by the old masters.
It may be on the UNESCO heritage list, but global experts warn the Mediterranean diet, prized for its health benefits, is losing so much ground to the fast food culture that the decline may be irreversible.
The last thing they do before going to sleep is to quickly check the social networks on the smartphone. And the first waking moment also belongs to the device, when the user reconnects to the "outside world."
Thanks to the success of Hollywood disaster films, from "Waterworld" to "The Day After Tomorrow", it's not hard to imagine an apocalyptic future as climate change takes hold.
Cheeky Ruben is just seven and learning to read. But thanks to his new knee-high buddy Charlie robot he can expertly measure his blood sugar and count carbohydrates in a glass of milk.
Many people in a recent study said they'd tried to find out what chemicals are in tobacco products or smoke, but most were not familiar with components other than nicotine.