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"Arrange an appointment for me," or "Remind me to ring Granny this evening," and "Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?" It's not only our smartphones that can answer such questions now. Windows 10 comes with the voice-activated intelligent assistant Cortana on board.
Peanut (Arachis hypogeae Linn,) is also called earthnut, groundnut, goober and pindar in common English. In Urdu, it is called 'mungphalli'. It is a small prostrate tropical plant that can grow to a height of 50 centimeters and does well in sandy loam soils. It is believed to have originated in Brazil, South America from where it has spread to other countries.
As the years pile on, so do the honours bestowed on Jerry Lewis - and his irreverent responses to them. At a 2014 ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard, director Quentin Tarantino called Lewis a "treasure" and "one of the great actors/directors in the history of cinema" - this despite the fact that the wisecracking octogenarian had just bitten Tarantino on the hand.
As catwalk stars criss-cross the globe for fashion week season, modelling agencies are increasingly using social media world-wide to scout out their new faces, to the alarm of some.
Pair's Bridge is always a challenging proposition where you need to keep your aggregate score hovering above par to make an impact. The one pitfall which affects a player's position is where he lets his mind wander about after gaining a clear top or a bottom. Let us test the reader's Bridge rating by placing him in the midst of a Pair Tournament set to play these 2 boards, which will be a barometer of his Bridge skill, technique and ability to conjure that extra trick for play and defence as the hand demands.
With "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" coming out soon on iTunes, the director of the box-office smash said on Monday it was a "nightmare" to think of people watching the big-screen sci-fi adventure on a cellphone.
Perhaps, never before in human history, has boot licking and betrayal, enjoyed so deep a relationship. Of late this has become a national pastime. Gradually it is becoming a trait. Soon it will acquire the status of being a subject that all universities will incorporate in their syllabuses. Those who pass this subject with 'A'stars and flying colours will be auto entrants to the arena of seeking high offices.