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Policy of the British Colonial Secretary Sir Winston Churchill and the British military and officialdom was to settle natives of India in Iraq at the end of the First World War that began on June 28, 1914 and culminated on November 11, 1918). The Follow-up was the treaty of Mudros of October 30, 1918. Mesopotamia (Iraq and Trans Jordan) called the cradle of civilisation literally defines the land between two rivers namely to Euphrates and the Tigris. Mesopotamia was the colony of the Ottoman Empire, conquered by the British under the command of General Allenby and Colonel T.E. Lawrence (Seven Pillars of Wisdom) in the First World War.

Everyone is blaming everyone else for over 36 drowning incidents off the Clifton and Hawkesbay beaches during Eid holidays. The title of this column is the comment of a veiled woman who held the seas itself responsible for the deaths of two nephews. It is the highest death toll on beaches in the history of Karachi. The death toll is only of bodies recovered, the actual number who lost their lives at sea could be as high as 60 or even 80.
A significant decade of art development in Pakistan was witnessed in 1960s. Art received a great boost and exposure throughout the country, and Karachi also experience flowering of emerging talented youth - and Shahid Sajjad was one of the talented artists of that time.
Each year on 9th August world observes ' The International Day of Indigenous People'. The purpose of the day is to promote and protect the rights of the native people around the world. On this day, events, seminars, conferences, and debates are arranged by organisations to "recognise the achievements and contributions that indigenous people make to improve world issues such as environmental protection."
Three years ago playwright Laline Paull began to notice bees in her garden in Sussex, south-east England. Her interest was inspired by the death of a beekeeping friend. "Angie had breast cancer, and she wasn't going to make it. I was awed at her graciousness in the face of her terror and when she died, in order to keep that feeling of how wonderful she was, I started reading about bees. She was gone but the bees were not gone." The more Paull read the more inspired she was.
Comets are bodies of ancient ice and dust that orbit the Sun and are believed to be almost pristine material left over from the Solar System's formation some 4.6 billion years ago. One theory is that they hold complex carbon molecules that helped seed life on an infant Earth.
Europe's sophisticated front-loader washing machines are exported worldwide, but what the salesman often doesn't tell you is that they can be magnets for bacteria and mould if wrongly used. After removing laundered clothes from the washing machines, most users shut the door and make sure the soap-powder tray is closed. That's a mistake.


Index Closing Chg%
Arrow DJIA 17,265.99 0.64
Arrow Nasdaq 4,593.43 0.68
Arrow S&P 2,011.36 0.49
Arrow FTSE 6,819.29 0.57
Arrow DAX 9,798.13 1.41
Arrow CAC-40 4,464.70 0.75
Arrow Nikkei 16,067.57 1.13
Arrow H.Seng 24,168.72 0.85
Arrow Sensex 27,112.21 1.81

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Foreign Debt $61.805bn
Per Cap Income $1,386
GDP Growth 4.14%
Average CPI 8.6%
Trade Balance $-1.434 bln
Exports $1.930 bln
Imports $3.364 bln
WeeklySeptember 18, 2014
Reserves $13.525 bln