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Scientists are developing dust-sized wireless sensors implanted inside the body to track neural activity in real-time, offering a potential new way to monitor or treat a range of conditions including epilepsy and control next-generation prosthetics. The tiny devices have been demonstrated successfully in rats, and could be tested in people within two years, the researchers said.
She goes by only one name, having reached uncontested icon status: after a reign lasting more than 50 years, Barbie could well be considered the queen of dolls. Hotly debated both as a children's plaything and a social model, long the target of derision and adoration, she has been the subject of conversation since her inception.
Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan turns 74 next month but he says he's still hungry for new challenges after his latest movie about sexual violence against women left him deeply moved. In an interview at his sumptuous Mumbai office, the Hindi film legend of almost half a century said courtroom drama "Pink", would challenge attitudes in conservative India.
Twenty-one years ago Michael Mann's iconic crime opus "Heat" paired Hollywood legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for the first time, delighting moviegoers and inspiring a generation of filmmakers.
A new documentary about the Beatles shows the toll Beatlemania took on them as they became "more popular than Jesus" at the height of their fame.
In Bridge the bidding conventions are manifold. As the Tournament Bridge progressed over the years, innumerable systems, convention, techniques have been tabled to make Bridge bidding more accurate. Amongst many such conventions, Michael 2 suiter is quite popular. A sophisticated Michael convention emerging states that when you have two 5 carder suits, it is essential that you distinguish between them in a logical manner.
Boasting a "bat tracker", a bat sign projector for the night-time sky, smoke guns and an array of other devices, a Batman costume fitted with 23 gadgets has earned a place in the Guinness World Records book.