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Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and some Anna Mikhailova have jointly authored a book 'From Banking to the Thorny World of Politics'. With former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz I nurture a few unforgettable memories. Few eye-brows were raised when he was made the Finance Minister of Pakistan after General Musharraf deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and as I have already written, Musharraf was sternly told by the then US President Bill Clinton not to impose any 'martial law'. With this kind of policy from Clinton Musharraf desisted from imposing a martial law; instead he opted to declare himself 'Chief Executive' (yet a new concept in governance) of Pakistan. Being Chief Executive Musharraf's main worry was the economy.
While the Sindh Assembly's Senior Citizen Bill is admirable, it appears as if our legislators referred to some foreign country's version what are the needs of senior citizens. The bill's version of elderly is the standardized view point. It is assumed all our problems and issues are either related to financial constrains or deteriorating health, and that these can be assuaged by facilities and concessionsthat will be available to the elderly through the senior citizenship card. Is such a card necessary? Everyone has an ID-Card which indicates how old the card holder is.
An increase in heat waves worldwide linked to climate change may be behind epidemics of kidney disease detected in workers who are increasingly exposed to heat and dehydration, according to a research review. Global warming has increased temperatures overall by nearly 1 degree Celsius (just under 2 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past century, and they are expected to rise by another 3 to 4 degrees C by the end of this century, the authors write. Heat waves have also become more common, with about three quarters of the increase blamed on climate change, they add.
Sayeda M Habib tried to understand the shift of mind in our society which now became preoccupied by the new world of hi-tech and everyday inventions. She wanted answers to her questions regarding this issue through her paintings in an exhibition titled "Fractured Narratives" at Canvas Gallery, Karachi.
Car windows don't protect against harmful sun exposure, so it might be a good idea to wear sunglasses and sun block even while driving, a new study suggests. While windshields blocked the vast majority of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, car door windows offered varying levels of protection from the rays that are tied to cataracts and skin aging.
In most pharmacies, hairstyling products take up several shelves. There's gel, wax, and mousse - but rarely is there any help as to which products are best for which look. Birgit Huber of Germany's Trade Association of Personal Hygiene and Soap gives the rundown:
What a way to start a vacation: One arrives safe and sound at the destination airport - but one's luggage has gone missing. If it's merely a trip to go shopping, maybe the missing luggage isn't too much of a problem. But what if you're about to go trekking, undertake a safari, or go on a cruise? No luggage can then be a big issue - just try to go mountain hiking without a backpack and hiking boots, for example.