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Zebra and antelope look on as clouds of white steam twist into the air at Hell's Gate, where Kenya's dream of providing cheap, renewable electricity is becoming a reality.
Creating meaningful art with printmaking and painting Dom Pattinson tried to capture the essence of daily life in his imaginative recollection of people, things and animals. Born in 1969, Pattinson acquired a BA Hons at the Winchester School of Art and an MA at the Glasgow School of Art to fulfil his passion for art.
Long considered a 1950s staple associated with child's play or circus acts, hula hooping has been making a comeback as a fitness craze or art form, with even Michelle Obama hooping it up for health.
Jeans are hard-wearing and have come a long way from their cowboy origins. Nowadays there is a wide range of different fits and styles, including bootcut jeans, which are currently a "wardrobe essential," according to style advisor Bianca Staeglich.
A new book by best-selling author John Grisham is giving new impetus to a handful of companies striving to develop what they say could be a trailblazing treatment for cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
Twitter, which turns 10 years old Monday, has grown into one of the leading global social networks. Here are some key facts about the messaging platform:
When an earthquake strikes literally every second counts. That was the case 5 years ago when a magnitude 9 quake unleashed a massive tsunami that devastated Japan. A seismological network kicked into action issuing early warnings, but the massive waves still killed nearly 16,000 people and caused an estimated $300 billion (USD) in damage.