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Smiley faces and images of food and cats designed almost 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company and used in digital messages world-wide have now attained the status of art.
One of the most sought-after names in Hollywood at the height of his career, Oscar-winning Mel Gibson has been a pariah in the filmmaking community for a decade.
Collectors and music fans wearing the t-shirts of obscure rock bands brave the tropical heat outside a record store near Malaysia's capital, waiting to get their hands on new cassette tapes.
The Disney princess may not be dead yet, but children's television makers are under pressure to create more adventurous female characters as fears grow over the damage gender stereotyping may be doing to girls.
Some plays in Bridge are brilliant and very well executed with an eye on the probable distribution and high card point count of the opponents. Facing the best defense, the declarer can always change horses midstream to cater to the challenge thrown by some equally brilliant defense foreseen as happened in our illustration for today where NS reach a contract of 4S on the following hand with the bidding given as under:
Michael Jackson topped an annual list of the top-earning dead celebrities on Wednesday for the fourth straight year, far outstripping fellow musical icons Prince and David Bowie who passed away earlier this year.
There is a power shortage. One way of dealing with the problem is to conserve as much power as reasonably possible. Hence billboards have been pulled down and wherever there are two parallel rows of street lights, one side has been shut down. But recently, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah suggested 7pm as the shut-down time in the marketplace. This may work in the villages and towns, even other cities in the province, it cannot work successfully in Karachi. It hasn't in the past, it won't work now.