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In Bridge there are quite a number of various squeeze plays that bring about the desired result - the final contract made on a squeeze. But what is the essential requirement for a successful squeeze is the awareness at the start of the play that the best chance and odds for the contract lie in a squeeze rather than the other options available like a finesse or an end play situation.
Ben Affleck said he found his latest role as a blunt-speaking accountant and assassin refreshing after playing the tormented, weary superhero Batman this year.
William Easterly wrote a book The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor in 2013. And he has argued how the nexus of these creatures has often suppressed spontaneous development and human rights in many parts of the world. Recently Alan Jay Levinovitz wrote an essay in Aeon magazine titled "The new astrology" and discussed that economists tried to become astrologers/astronomers but miserably failed in their predictions. He made an argument; "by fetishising mathematical model, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience". Economists have always been facing harsh criticism from internal and external fronts for both right and wrong reasons. But very recently famous economist Paul Romer criticised wrong usage of mathematics in economics in his paper titled, Mathiness in Theory of Economic Growth and used term of "professional magic" to characterize some of the norms in Economist's profession which is as follows: "Perhaps our norms will soon be like those in professional magic; it will be impolite, perhaps even an ethical breach, to reveal how someone's trick works". So, the critique towards economists is really using interesting analogies, metaphors and explanations. I thought to consider related issues and to reflect on the state of affairs in this important discipline and profession.
One old woman, her two sons and two nephews made the long and tedious journey from Karachi to Uch Sharif, district Bahawalpur, to attend a funeral. Their arrival at their village caused a lot of excitement and, upon returning back to the city everyone who knew them in Punjab Colony, where they live, wanted to be told about the fantastic round trip which they made in a rickshaw. I was curious too; this was a first in intercity transport.
Imagination has no boundaries. Everybody's imagination is totally different as every person is different from other person in this whole world. Therefore, nobody can guess what an individual imagined about a particular person, thing or a place. Komal Shahid Khan also using her imagination created a semblance of an era in an exhibition titled "Imagining Immortals" at Artscene Gallery, Karachi.
Beirut's National Museum has opened its basement of ancient treasures for the first time in four decades to show the public its stunning array of funerary art, including the world's largest collection of anthropoid sarcophogi.
Playing classic video games like Pac-Man with living single-celled microbes thinner than a human hair is now possible thanks to an interactive microscope developed by bioengineers at Stanford University.