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In Bridge, defence matters a lot. A tough defence reputation can put the opponents under pressure where they would know that making the tight contract would not be easy with their backs to the wall. But to be a tough defender at Bridge, you need to have foresight and the ability to comprehend the distribution, which can put you one up against a good declarer. Take this simple illustration in defence wherein West lands in 4H on the following bidding:
President Barack Obama took a short spin with comedian Jerry Seinfeld for his "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" web series and told him that "a pretty sizable percentage" of world leaders may be crazy. In his latest pop culture venture, Obama filmed a special guest spot for the series, streamed on Crackle. Each 20-minute episode features Seinfeld chatting informally with a different comedian.
Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole, whose biggest hit came in a virtual duet with her late father, pop legend Nat King Cole, of his decades-old hit "Unforgettable," has died at the age of 65, her family said last Friday. Cole's career spanned five decades in the R&B, soul, jazz and pop genres. In 2015, she had cancelled appearances citing medical reasons.
Getting mauled by a grizzly bear usually spells a painful death, but for one man, a savage bear attack is the catalyst for a quest fuelled by revenge, in a sweeping saga that uncovers man's willpower to survive against all odds.
Yesterday, I was going somewhere with my mother. On the very busy Liberty Chowk, we noticed a biker who looked a bit different. Behold! It was a woman clad in a chaddar driving a motorbike. To get a better glimpse and to show the woman my appreciation of her bravery, I asked the driver to speed up after the girl. While admiring her skill and courage, my mother and I noticed two boys on another bike closely following the lady. My mother asked the driver to overtake the boys so that she could try and usher them away. As we overtook them, my mother rolled down her window and shouted, "Do you have no shame? Don't you dare tease her" The boys instantly changed their course, but I felt scared for the girl.
We hope all readers of the Weekend magazine have a good start of the year 2016. Now Time is near to wave good-bye to winter and welcome the season of spring. It is a season of celebration, love, cheer, sunshine, sweet fragrance, beautiful flowers, bright colours and bird's chirping.
Tourists visiting cities will always be found in the usual places - the castles, palaces, cathedrals and other historic buildings listed in their travel guides. And there's another place many relish as well - cemeteries. These sites are not just a place of quiet contemplation for the friends and relatives of the deceased, but also tourist destinations, especially when famous people are buried there.