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Design classic and symbol of the "dolce vita", the Vespa turns 70 this weekend and Italy's most celebrated scooter is buzzing along nicely after tripling sales in the last decade. It was on a Vespa that Gregory Peck pursued Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday", the 1953 film that helped make the marque synonomous internationally with the Roman capital. But it was actually in Florence that the wasp-shaped two-wheeler was born, Enrico Piaggio having registered the patent in the Tuscan capital on April 23, 1946.
A robot named Root has been developed to expose kids of all ages to coding in a way that brings the often daunting world of computer science to life. Root looks like a smoke detector but is actually a sophisticated robot. A magnetic surface, wheels, and an impressive arsenal of sensors allow it to navigate a classroom whiteboard. But Root isn't actually programed to do anything. Its tasks and functionality hinge on a child's imagination.
The scorching summer heathas already settled in Karachi. The mounting temperature, sweltering air, harsh atmosphere, high humidityleveland heat related ailments has been increasing the demand for the street vended fresh juices and cold desserts day by day.
Ikram Sehgal, an articulate member of Pakistan's strategic community, has been long time editor of the respected Defence Journal, representing the views principally of Pakistan's military veterans. He earned his spurs as one of about twenty, by his count, prisoners of war of the 1971 conflict who made it back to Pakistan, of the forty or so who made it beyond the barbed wire. The ceasefire of the fortnight long war yielded up a PoW count of about 95000 (among them about 35000 regular servicemen from the Pakistan Army, PAF and PN alongwith 10000 from Frontier Corps, Rangers, Police and East Pakistan Civilian Armed Forces), the rest (50000) were dependants and civilians (civil bureaucracy personnel included).
The old adage about sleeping with one eye open in an unfamiliar place may not be too far off the mark. A new study suggests that one half of the brain remains on high alert during the first night of sleep in a new space.
Has encryption technology given the bad guys a way to operate in the dark? Or has the new tech age gifted law enforcement with unprecedented surveillance powers? A weeks-long showdown between the FBI and Apple ended last month without a clear winner, but the debate rages on over government access to encrypted data in an era of evolving mobile technology.
Pakistan art scene is changing for the last few years. Now people are viewing, buying and also understanding contemporary art. But art lovers who added contemporary art to their collection later found that it has no resale value. Because the people who bought this genre of art did not have sense or understanding of contemporary art then.