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Countries looking for cheap earthquake warning systems might want to try apps and smartphones after scientists discovered that smartphones could be used as an affordable alternative to sophisticated earthquake monitoring networks. The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in smartphones could detect earthquakes and trigger warnings seconds before the strongest waves from the quake begin, researchers wrote in Friday's American-based journal Science Advances.

"This is the short and the long of it," as William Shakespeare wrote in "The Merry Wives of Windsor." A play called "Double Falsehood" published in 1728 by a man who claimed it was based on a lost Shakespeare play but has long been dismissed as a forgery may indeed be the real deal. University of Texas researchers have unveiled a sophisticated new study of "Double Falsehood" that used text-analyzing software that helped create a "psychological signature" of the playwright.
Slip into the driver's seat and feel at home: comfy seats and handsome bodywork lure buyers into the showroom. But if a new car does not smell right, the sale may never complete. All the carmakers employ olfactory experts, co-called aroma chemists, to create complex mixtures of chemicals that, when combined, give a recognizable and attractive interior smell. It ensures potential customers feel at ease, without being able to say exactly why.
Relaxed, cool, maybe posing against a spectacular backdrop or with celebrity-style affectation: The projected image of the selfie is a social and professional calling card - and it was hardly different for the pioneers of the self-portrait. What we now momentarily create and circulate on the internet with the click of a button was once an art work in itself, demanding days or weeks of toil with brush, palette and oils.
Using creative imagination and skills the artists manifested their concerns towards society in their paintings exhibited in a group exhibition at Grandeur Gallery, Karachi. The paintings by the artists Shahnaz Adamjee, Saleem Bhopali and Muhammad Hashim Khan reflected social responsibility. Characterized by pure and simple expressions each painting has symbols and details showing the powerful thinking of the artists through which they discussed issues emanating from their personal life experiences.
Michel Dancoisne-Martineau knows that the story of Napoleon's life in exile is timeless - and irresistible. The Frenchman is tasked with preserving the property where Napoleon Bonaparte lived after being exiled to the remote South Atlantic island of Saint Helena in 1815 and remained until his death six years later.
As I have no political loyalty, the big question for me was who to vote for? I was still wondering as I walked to the polling station, the same where I cast my vote in the general elections. I was still undecided as they checked my bonafides, took a thumb print, painted an ink line across the finger, handed me a rubber stamp and ballot paper. Standing in the booth I thought I would let the old selection method from childhood called tick-tack-toe-round-I-go-if-I-miss-I-take-this decide. Then I changed my mind. Hey, since I do not know any candidate, why not vote blind? So I closed my eyes and jabbed at what I thought was the ballot paper. My finger was nowhere on the paper, it was at the edge of the table. Then I decided I would vote for an Independent candidate instead of a political party fellow. One symbol pleased me and I stamped the ballot paper, folded it and put it in the box. It may seem I took a long time deciding, but it took less time than you will have spent reading this paragraph.


Index Closing Chg%
Arrow DJIA 18,162.99 0.67
Arrow Nasdaq 5,106.59 1.47
Arrow S&P 2,123.48 0.92
Arrow FTSE 7,033.33 1.21
Arrow DAX 11,771.13 1.26
Arrow CAC-40 5,182.53 1.95
Arrow Nikkei 20,472.58 0.17
Arrow H.Seng 28,081.21 0.60
Arrow Sensex 27,564.66 0.12

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Banking Review 2014

Foreign Debt $61.805bn
Per Cap Income $1,386
GDP Growth 4.14%
Average CPI 8.6%
Trade Balance $-1.795 bln
Exports $1.995 bln
Imports $3.790 bln
WeeklyMay 26, 2015
Reserves $17.749 bln