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Mass coral bleaching has destroyed at least 35 percent of the northern and central Great Barrier Reef, Australian scientists said on Monday, a major blow to the World Heritage Site that attracts about A$5 billion ($3.59 billion) in tourism each year. Australian scientists said the coral mortality figure will likely rise as some of the remaining 65 percent of coral in the northern and central reefs fails to recover from bleaching.
It launched with a mission of just five years "to boldly go where no man has gone before" but half a century later "Star Trek" is a multi-billion-dollar cultural phenomenon adored by fans the world over.
Finnish smartphone games maker Rovio Entertainment Ltd is hoping to revive the cool of its widely-known but aging Angry Birds franchise with an animated 3D Hollywood film financed out of its own pocket.
You have to feel sorry for Tom Hanks. For nearly two decades from "Saving Private Ryan" to "Bridge of Spies", the actor has been the go-to star for director Steven Spielberg.
The play of a Bridge hand displays the caliber of a Bridge player. While there are no doubt different levels of Bridge, which mark a player's capability placing him in the four or five marked benchmarks fixed, the lowest being the beginners', followed by the average, then the above average level followed by a semi-expert ultimately reaching the highest level that is the expert's hallmark.
Disney has announced it is no longer printing and selling its beloved currency, the Disney dollar, sparking a buying frenzy among collectors. The distinctive bills, each featuring iconic characters and signed by treasurer Scrooge McDuck, have been a legitimate form of money within the Disney universe since they were first put into circulation almost 30 years ago.
Jessica Hartogs reporting for the CNBC has said that Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde has divided corruption into three parts, including economic and social cost of corruption. "Direct economic costs of corruption are well known, the indirect costs may over even be more substantial and debilitating, leading to low growth and leading to income inequality," Lagarde was quoted as saying. She also reportedly said, "corruption undermines trust in government and erodes the ethical standards of private citizens".