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A media revolution is taking place, and most people over 35 years of age aren't tuned in. Millennials and their successors are shunning old-school television in favour of watching what they want whenever they wish on Google-owned YouTube or other video platforms like Dailymotion or Facebook.
Young, energetic and competitive Rohan Hussain son of Major Atif Hussain is a youngest national tent pegging champion, a brilliant horse rider, and an emerging polo star. Rohan has GOD gifted talent and started his riding journey at the age of four. Now this sport has become a real lifestyle for him.
An experimental wearable artificial kidney shows promise as a substitute for dialysis machines, researchers report. More than 2 million people world-wide with kidney failure require chronic dialysis. They must follow strict limitations as to what they eat and drink.
Screen legend Olivia de Havilland, who turned 100 last Friday, is the last surviving star from "Gone with the Wind" and one of the last great stars of Hollywood's bygone golden era. The two-time Oscar winner and five-time Academy Award nominee came to embody the elegant glamour of the silver screen in the 1930s and 1940s.
She grew up around movie sets watching her father direct Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro and other Hollywood greats, yet Bryce Dallas Howard still has her moments of giddy fandom. The 35-year-old actress recalls her somewhat undignified first meeting with Robert Redford on the set of her new film, Disney's remake of its own 1977 classic "Pete's Dragon," directed by David Lowery. "There was this big empty road and we were supposed to run towards each other and reunite. It's an emotional thing," she said.
An all-female reboot of "Ghostbusters" hits theaters next month amid a savage backlash by Internet trolls that has thrown the spotlight back onto Hollywood's gender discrimination problem.
It is generally recognised that defence in Bridge is its most difficult aspect for it is much easier to play as declarer viewing half the deck than it is to defend not knowing which cards are held by partner and the declarer.