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Australian director George Miller is at a highpoint in a masterful career. His "Mad Max: Fury Road" won a swag of awards, adding to a long list of acclaimed movies, and this week he will bask in the glory of presiding over the Cannes film festival jury.
Marvel's band of Avengers are usually a friendly bunch, but when faced with the destruction of their heroic efforts to save the world, the superheroes are split between maintaining control of their powers or going under government contract, leading to an explosive battle.
There will be no shortage of movie star royalty at the Cannes film festival, but the true queens of this year's red carpet will be "Twilight" megastar turned indie darling Kristen Stewart and French film siren Marion Cotillard. Both actresses are sweeping into the French resort town with two films in the official selection.
We come to our third deal of the 4 deal contest with a hand that may look a tough nut to crack but is still manageable if the declarer keeps his wits about him. For the art of dummy play lies in recognizing the multi-dimensional facets it holds. Either there is a way or it's a 'Give up' that becomes the burning issue for many a declarer.
For 12 days starting Wednesday, the Cannes Film Festival will be a non-stop merry-go-round of movies, stars, interviews and parties. Here are some figures to put the event into perspective: 9 The number of film stars and directors on the jury that will decide the festival's top prize, the Palme d'Or. Led by George Miller, the Australian director of the "Mad Max" movies, the panel includes Kirsten Dunst, Donald Sutherland, Vanessa Paradis and Danish "baddie" specialist Mads Mikkelsen.
'Maalik' was not the only film banned last month. It was simply the most ridiculous ban. After successful showing in cinema halls for three weeks since April 8, it was suddenly axed by the federal government on April 27. Two days later, two more films got the axe. 'Besieged in Quetta' and award-winning documentary 'Among the Believers', scheduled to be screened in Islamabad at the Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (Face) Film Festival 2016, were declared anti-state and 'unsuitable' for public exhibition by the censor board.
After 17 years of helping climbers reach the roof of the world, Argentinian Damian Benegas won't be returning to Everest this year, frozen out of the business by cheaper and some say dangerous operators. "It's impossible to convince clients to pay us $65,000 for an expedition when there are guys offering trips for $28,000 or less," the respected guide told AFP from California.