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A person's Facebook activity might be a window into their health and even predict their odds of dying in the short-term, a new study suggests. Researchers stop short of saying that using the social networking website will either hasten or delay illness or death, but they conclude that how a person interacts on the site might say a lot about their level of risk.
Families that eat dinner with the TV on tend to eat less healthy food and to enjoy the meals less than families who leave the TV off, according to a recent US study. This was true even for families that were not paying attention to the TV and only had it on as background noise, the researchers write in the journal Appetite.
One of Hollywood's most bankable stars and a huge favourite among cinema-goers world-wide, Tom Hanks has appeared in some of the most successful and critically acclaimed movies of all time. Among more than a dozen of his films that hold a rating of 90 percent or higher on the respected "Rotten Tomatoes" reviews aggregation website are such beloved titles as "Big," "Apollo 13," and all three parts of the "Toy Story" franchise.
"American Pastoral," Ewan McGregor's film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, offers a grim look at the turbulent 1960s - and stark parallels with US society today. The "Trainspotting" star is making his directorial debut with the film. The film constructs a complex portrait of a man - and of a generation - struggling to comprehend the collapse of a value system during a time of great upheaval, from the tumult of 1968 to outrage over the Watergate political scandal in the early 1970s, and how that ripped apart the seemingly ideal American family.
Officers with assault rifles, backed by a huge armoured grenade launcher, square up to a crowd furiously denouncing the killing of a young black neighbour. It is a scene which could have been taken from archive footage of Mogadishu in 1990s Somalia or countless other battles, but this conflict is closer to home - the streets of small-town America.
In Bridge there are quite a number of various squeeze plays that bring about the desired result - the final contract made on a squeeze. But what is the essential requirement for a successful squeeze is the awareness at the start of the play that the best chance and odds for the contract lie in a squeeze rather than the other options available like a finesse or an end play situation.
Ben Affleck said he found his latest role as a blunt-speaking accountant and assassin refreshing after playing the tormented, weary superhero Batman this year.