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Bryan Cranston is back in the drug world, but this time he's one of the good guys. After his highly acclaimed performance as a high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin in the TV series "Breaking Bad," Cranston plays an undercover agent who goes after Colombian cocaine lord Pablo Escobar via his Miami money laundering network in "The Infiltrator."
Director, producer and writer Garry Marshall, who was responsible for creating sitcom hits such as "The Odd Couple" and "Happy Days" and directed hit movies "Pretty Woman" and "The Princess Diaries," died, Variety reported. He was 81. Marshall died in Burbank, California, from complications of pneumonia after a stroke, his representative Michelle Bega told USA Today.
Today our focus is on defence in Bridge, which is its most important facet. Without good defense you will always be more on the losing side. So it's vital for Bridge players to know and understand what good defense constitutes.
The Panama Papers financial scandal is going to Hollywood. Streaming service Netflix said last Tuesday it had acquired the rights to a book written by two German investigative journalists and was turning it into a feature movie to be produced by John Wells.
In the study of leadership traits of great or even the not so great men reveals that in variably all of them have some quality habit or characteristic that distinguishes them fromthecrowd. Their respective insignia sometimes get identified with their personality; the 'V' sign by Churchill is almost patented with his heroic role for Britain during the Second World War. These characteristics can be both negative and positive. Many a time, leaders mask their vulnerabilities marked by a particular trait. The desire to appear infallible is so domineering that leaders hide behind a facade of aloofness to cover some weaknesses either inherent in their personalities, or some that are acquired. Emperor Hirohito of Japan, following the defeat in the Second World War became a hermit and made rare appearances before public, for to the Japanese he was 'sun-god', who they believed couldn't be defeated. And a 'sun-god' culturally cannot afford to be visible to all and sundry. It is the distancing fromthe ordinary Japanese that an aura of infallibility was built around his persona.
As a senior citizen I am still waiting for the benefits outlined in the Senior Citizens Bill, passed by the Sindh Provincial Assembly in April. That is the problem with the good work our legislators do: it is good in intention but practical action is not taken for years and years. At least on this bill it needs some fast track work to make it law. I cannot help describing what I feel except in Mirza Ghalib's verse: "Hum ne mana ke taghaful na karoge lekin/ khaak ho jaenge hum tum ko khabar hone tak".
Shanzay Sabzwari's paintings take you to the world of money, power and fairy tales. She merged the two themes in a skilful style in her recent paintings exhibited in a solo show at Sanat Gallery, Karachi. Titled 'Tale as Old as Time' the current body of work left questions to be answered by the viewers according to their perspective on various issues. She played with the conscience of people by allowing them to relive their childhood days in fairy tales painted in her paintings.