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According to some prestigious US newspapers, television channels, blogs and War-Financial experts the United States, in very conservative estimate, has spent over 8 trillion dollars in its war against Afghanistan and is still spending big chunks of money which will be calculated in the years to come.
May 14 marks the 95th birthday of late Agha Hassan Abedi who remains a legend because he was blessed with incredible vision - a quality that distinguishes leaders from the ordinary. He remains the first individual in history who created the largest privately owned commercial bank to provide greater market access to the Third World countries; in just 16 years, it built its branch network in 64 countries and representative offices in another 6.
In Sindh much is being done to rehabilitate hijras. The government is offering them jobs, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Pakistan Medical Association, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists and social workers are working for inclusion of the transgender community into the social mainstream. As ordinary citizens we need to help in this effort. So, I thought, why not tell you the long history of hijras which dates back into antiquity Before Common Era (what was previously called BC).
Quiet a few of our artists who are no more with us made valuable contributions in the field of art and earned international stature, adding to the image of the country. These artists made their presence felt in the art scene of the country as well as abroad. Whenever I go through the artworks of such artists' I feel that their passion was art and only art, and this affection with art made them known globally. Some of these artists' artworks were exhibited in a group show at Eye for Art Gallery, Karachi to the delight of Karachiites including artists: Shakir Ali, Bashir Mirza, Ahmed Parvez, Zainul Abedin, Sadequain, Ismail Gulgee and Francis Newton Souza.
Manuscripts of classic signature works of Abu'l Qasim Firdawsi and Shekh Saadi glass-cased in the gallery of National Museum Karachi are few of the remarkable treasure that this museum has in its reserve. Dim glow of light has been maintained over these rare manuscripts so as to save them from being damaged under high powered exposure.
Journalists and electronic media professionals / experts are in much demand in the international job market nowadays. Strong writing and verbal communication, creative thinking and digital media acumen are applicable skills in any career. To attract the young men in this exciting and expanding field as a profession one International University asks:
If you have decided to leave your country and start a new career in a migration friendly country then be vigilant and watchful to protect yourself from migration frauds and visa scams. Immigration fraud is violating, a country's immigration laws. Human traffickers and criminals are active world-wide to exploit visa seekers. Foreign embassies in Pakistan have warned visa seekers to be aware of many existing scams on the internet, including advance fee scams, lottery scams, online misleading information, unlicensed consultants, fake work permit offers and illegal immigration.