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Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and his French co-star Marion Cotillard bring their new movie "Allied" to Europe this week, hitting the promotional trail for the World War Two thriller. Pitt has kept a low profile since his split from Angelina Jolie in September after an incident in which the 52-year-old actor was reported to have lost his temper in front of one or more of their children.
On October 18, the Sindh High Court ordered the authorities concerned to initiate the process of recalling licences granted to liquor shops. On Monday, the owners of wine shops in Sindh filed a joint petition in the Supreme Court, requesting it to set aside the order of Sindh High Court shutting down all the shops in the province. The petition was moved by rights activist Asma Jahangir on behalf of eight wine shops, four of which are in Karachi, namely Kohistan Wine Shop, Azad Wine Shop, Mazda Trading and Lucky and Company.
Clean out your freezer, try a manicure-pedicure and stay off social media. Those are some of the tips offered by columnists and others to people dealing with what one psychologist has dubbed Election Stress Disorder, which he said has spiked since Donald Trump won the presidential election.
"Loss and damage" from climate change has been a controversial topic at the UN talks over the past decade, mainly because it asks a tough question: Who should pay to repair the harm done by planet-warming emissions? Aid agencies say "loss and damage" occurs when stresses made worse by climate change - such as creeping deserts or rising seas - are too severe for people to overcome.
Pleasing and impressive qualities of watercolour were enhanced by M A Bhatti in his portraits and cityscape paintings. While A Q Arif explored the beauty of watercolour by connecting the fantasy world of historical buildings of our country with the present time scenic beauty of northern areas in a two person exhibition at Ocean Art Gallery, Karachi.
Public libraries can provide vital support for people at high risk for health problems such as new immigrants and people dealing with homelessness, mental illness and substance use, say US researchers.
Studies on the long-term effects of habitual barefoot walking or running are scarce, and there is only limited evidence for more foot problems and no evidence for higher injury rates among people who are often barefoot, according to a new review.