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Why ask us to plant more trees when hundreds are cut down by builders, developers, crime fighters, and even prize-winning gardeners who do not like falling leaves to destroy the manicured beauty of their lawns. Trees are lungs of earth. They take in carbon dioxide from the air to turn it into oxygen. They take in all the carbon emission from vehicles purifying the air we breathe. But, it appears, this city prefers cars and carbon to more trees.
The planet's three most dangerous greenhouse gases are rising, and fossil fuels must be taxed to protect children from the costly turmoil of rising seas and extreme storms, world-renowned climate scientist James Hansen warned Tuesday.
Achromatic drawings by Syed Hassan Mujtaba leave loud impression on viewers at Sanat Gallery, Karachi. Titled "A Monochromatic Episode" the solo show highlighted the code of conducts that deemed normal persuaded by the society to carve a better future generation; a generation that supposed to be more perfect from the older ones.
The Mosaic Tile House in Venice stands as a monument to two decades of artistic collaboration between Cheri Pann and husband Gonzalo Duran.
People operating self-driving cars need at least six seconds and some cues from the vehicle to "get back in the loop" and take control in time to avoid an accident, researchers say.
Europe's Rosetta spacecraft, switched off last Friday after a 12-year odyssey, carried eleven scientific instruments to sniff and photograph a comet from all angles.
It's serendipity: from America to Viagra, history is full of great discoveries helped along by chance, as more than a century of Nobel prizes can attest.