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The inaugural National Junior Under-I8 Hockey Championship which concluded in Islamabad on first June was marred by a controversy about over-age of players mainly from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. The result is irrelevant, but for the record Punjab Blues beat Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Colours 3-1. The inaugural tournament was the first step in Pakistan Hockey Federation's (PHF) project to improve the standard of the game by training youngsters at the grassroots level.
"Art is an intimate expression of the creator's soul and expresses the unique experience of individual artist", said Rabia Zuberi, a famous sculptor, painter, art educationist and founder Principal Karachi School of Art - one of the leading art institutions of our country.
The elevator brings visitors up out of the dull, beige maze of the US State Department's bureaucratic warren and back in time to a hall lined with period décor recalling the era of the American Revolution.
Children love arts - painting, drawing and music from the day they start observing things in this world while music can be listened and can reach a kid much sooner the world of painting and drawing comes to life when a kid start moving and sharing his/her emotions with elders and peers.
Thumb-thick roots and shoots of some trees cut into pieces of 15-20 cms long were used as the chewing stick for cleaning the teeth by Babylonians 7000 years ago, followed by the ancient Greeks, the Jews, the Egyptians and the Romans. Neem (Azadirachta), Babool (Acacia) and Akhrot (Jugbans) twigs were used in the subcontinent to clean the teeth. In the Middle East, roots and shoots of "Peelu" tree (Salvadora persica Linn) were used as chewing sticks. Lime and orange twigs were used in West Africa and "Kayogi" in Japan for cleaning the tooth. The ancient Arabs used "Peelu miswaks" in the Middle East, "Maaki" in Tanzania, "Arak" and "Datoon" in what is now Indo-Pakistan. Roots of the "Senna" tree were used by the Black Americans in Sierra Leone and twigs of "Laburnum" tree were used by the African to clean their teeth.
A health study came to the defence of certain dietary fats on Tuesday, adding fuel to a scientific row over low-fat guidelines that have bedevilled dieters for nearly half-a-century. The low-fat movement has not prevented a global epidemic of obesity linked to health concerns such as diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, said researchers who probed whether fat in olive oil and nuts pile on the pounds. Of nearly 7,500 overweight and obese people enrolled for a trial in Spain, those who boosted "healthy" fat intake did not gain more weight than those who tried cutting back on all fat, researchers found.
Bernard Minor spent 26 years behind bars for murdering a drug dealer who owed him $400. Now, the ex-con spends his days teaching others to keep their rage in check, one of the swelling ranks of America's anger therapists.