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Bridge is a mind sports. Based on logical deductions, a Bridge player tries to find what is best for him in bidding, defense or play. But while many of us have read Bridge texts on card reading, very few of us are still hazy when it comes to mind reading. One may find clues regarding an opponent's distribution and high card point or vice versa the defender can pin point declarer, distribution and high card points.
A "Star Wars" world with a host of new characters and a new feisty female lead was unveiled as the cast of the upcoming film "Rogue One" discussed the latest chapter of the much-loved franchise.
The image of Hillary Clinton standing on the world stage as the president of the United States tantalises Democrats meeting this week in Philadelphia. If she's elected in November, Clinton will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May in a troika of women holding the reins of three of the world's most powerful countries.
The first act of our new chief minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, was to have the concrete barriers along Chief Minister's House on Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road removed. It is a heavy-traffic road linked to Saddar, the commercial hub of Karachi. Imagine the inconvenience motorists suffered, and now breathe a sigh of relief. During peak hours the road is still chock-a-block with motorcars and motorcycles, rickshaws and the occasional truck, but traffic flows much more smoothly. Passing down the road I resolved to vote for the CM come next general elections, and I am sure, with this single act, he has won many hearts.
Rising temperatures caused by climate change may cost the world economy over $2 trillion in lost productivity by 2030 as hot weather makes it unbearable to work in some parts of the world, according to UN research published on Tuesday. It showed that in Southeast Asia alone, up to 20 percent of annual work hours may already be lost in jobs with exposure to extreme heat with the figures set to double by 2050 as the effects of climate change deepen.
The creativity of Nahid Raza unfolds a beautiful array of artworks in a solo exhibition titled "Virdh" at Canvas Gallery, Karachi. The gallery created an aesthetic atmosphere as each painting manifests the artist's love for Allah.
There are so many different types of brush out there, you can get grey hair just thinking about which is the right one for you and your hair. "The longer your hair, the more important it is to choose the right brush," explains top hairdresser Antonio Weinitschke.