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Imagine moving along the cogs within giant machinery like Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times", or tumbling inside a cabin teetering on the edge of a cliff as he did in "Gold Rush". That will be possible when an ambitious, immersive museum showcasing the life and works of the groundbreaking filmmaker opens in Switzerland last Sunday.
From Humphrey Bogart's fedora in "Casablanca" to Harrison Ford's lucky headgear in the Indiana Jones series, Italy's Borsalino has been credited with producing some of the coolest hats in history. Michael Jackson loved them, trend-setting music star Pharrel Williams is a contemporary fan and David Bowie opted for one of the Italian company's black fedoras for what was to prove his final photo shoot.
With the phenomenal box office achievements of "Finding Nemo" a fading memory, Pixar is attempting to succeed where many studios have failed - with a hit sequel years after the original.
The Indian film industry is changing and films no longer have to have a song and dance sequence to be successful, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said last Wednesday.
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is centered on the clash of two of the most recognisable caped heroes of the comic book world but it is the women of the DC Comics universe who defy expectations.
Bridge is a game that has many levels. From the beginners level to that of an expert, the dimension of Bridge keeps growing. While the various bidding gadgets of advanced systems give the bidding a sophisticated edge over the outdated ones, the advanced defense mechanisms developed put the defenders in an advantageous position. Even in dummy play, the experts conjure a line of play that turns out to be 100% safe free of error and fully defendable. Of course if in that course of play the defenders falter, the play becomes more easily impregnable.
Melissa McCarthy's star power lifted "The Boss" to an estimated $23.5 million opening weekend despite bad reviews and rough word-of-mouth for the R-rated comedy.