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Table play in Bridge is perhaps the most rewarding experience. Every time you pull through a tough contract. You feel elated. Failures lead to disappointment, but when one fails when he could or should have succeeded, he is devastated, hence there is a lot of hullabaloo about how a hand should he played safety and correctly with endless reviews and alternate lines suggested. This also becomes a yardstick of a Bridge player's caliber and more often than not a key factor in his Bridge repertoire.
From ready-to-wear knits manufactured instantly to customised dresses produced on inkjet printers, Japan's apparel industry is turning to state-of-the-art technology in a bold bid to cut labour costs and secure its future.
Lahore is not just an aggregate of roads, building structures and inhabitants. The city has a peculiar culture that has survived monumental upheavals and alterations of centuries. Once one enters the walled city through any of its 13 gates, one meets the Lahori society largely unscathed by the challenges and vagaries of time. All around, one hears the familiar carefree, hearty and resounding laughter and purely humorous remarks among friends that are special characteristics of the walled city since time unknown.
My generation has grown up reading comics, from the tabloid-size Dandy and Beano to the A-4 size Archie comics. They made you laugh, even at some really mean practical jokes. They were entertainment; not a single one touched on reality nor gave you a sense of guilt or joged your brain to think. Classic Comics, Tarzan, later Batman, still later Spiderman were socially commentative but yet remained within a fantasy world, like Gotham City. That the comics medium would evolve into serious literature, did not cross our minds. It has, and has been around for nearly three decades, but I read my first comics novel last week.
Sincere, downright and frank in expressing opinions Moeen Faruqi disclosed undeniable truths in his paintings. Having specific style his paintings depicted unidealistic, sensuous world around us. His paintings were not unusual but simple and boring as they tackle the common issues relating to this world. He talked about present times with the glimpses of past to convey his point of view on certain everyday problems faced by ordinary people while living their lives in this world.
Fashion frequently witnesses counter-trends. As soon as one trend has established itself with the wider public, the first adopters have already moved on. Even as every half-trendy man pulls on his slim-fit pants, the trend is already out of fashion.
Together with industry experts, dpa has rounded up six of the biggest footwear trends for the upcoming fashion season.