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The car of the future doesn't just want to drive you. It wants to know you. The automotive technology showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show over the past week was in part about self-driving vehicles, but also about personalising the driving experience.
The smartphone continues to change the world a decade after the debut of the iPhone, even as Apple is under pressure to come up with a new wonder. The iPhone - introduced by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 - set the stage for mobile computing and an entire industry revolving around it.
The country's last great vocalist of pure ragas, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan passed away on January 4, 2017. With his death a grand tradition of using the human voice to express the richness of classical music of the subcontinent comes to an end in this country. In fact, the era of public recitals of classical ragas ended several decades before Ustad Fateh Ali's demise.
Artist Abdullah M I Syed told a personal tale of his mother's life through his photographs and artworks thus paid tribute to his mother in an exhibition titled 'Substitute: The Untold Narrative of a Mother and Son' at Canvas Gallery, Karachi. Abdullah has taken photographs of his mother's everyday possessions which she daily uses. These things remind him of her mother while in solitude away from home.
Colours and their shades are a part of our daily life. Psychologists have confirmed that Colours have deep yet subtle influence on us. Because of its distinctive symbol and message, every colour has unique impact in fashion, personality, home décor, moods, attitude, graphic design, and surrounding atmosphere.
"A great man", says Justice Oliver Wendell, Jr., "represents a great ganglion in the nerves of society, or to vary the figure, a strategic point in the campaign of history, and part of his greatness consists in being there."
In the west E-books have not diminished the demand for printed books. Producing books for children is a thriving business as the electronic medium cannot compete with a book printed on paper. The popularity of books as birthday or Christmas present keeps the press rolling. Each year thousands of books on every subject under the sun are published. Storybooks, annuals, history, geography, science, discoveries, art and craft, people and places, flowers, birds, pets and wild animals and so forth, the subject list is limitless. In Pakistan publishing books for children is not a business; it isn't even an essential part, however small, of the local publishing industry.