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People operating self-driving cars need at least six seconds and some cues from the vehicle to "get back in the loop" and take control in time to avoid an accident, researchers say.
Europe's Rosetta spacecraft, switched off last Friday after a 12-year odyssey, carried eleven scientific instruments to sniff and photograph a comet from all angles.
It's serendipity: from America to Viagra, history is full of great discoveries helped along by chance, as more than a century of Nobel prizes can attest.
They wear the world's most beautiful and expensive clothes yet their faces are the picture of blank boredom.
Rarely has Hollywood produced a character as stubborn and cussed as Newton Knight, the hoary hero of "Free State of Jones", the American Civil War epic starring Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey.
With stinking streams snaking around clusters of shacks and piles of garbage, Katwe - west of Uganda's capital Kampala - looks just like any other African slum. But one woman and a Hollywood movie about her are about to lift the poverty-stricken neighbourhood to worldwide fame.
Festering alongside mountains of stinking trash under the sweltering South American sun, Cateura is a long way from the conservatories of Prague or Vienna.