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It was the stuff of dreams: walking down a Paris street one day to walking the runway as a top 20 model in the world's fashion capital. That's exactly what happened to Victoire Macon Dauxerre at 18 as she prepared to graduate from high school in 2011. But that dream was short-lived.
Bridge is all about keeping your eyes on the ball. An alert declarer has the vision and foresight to read the possible holding and distribution of the opponents' cards so that it gives him the better option of success in handling tight bid contracts, such as the one shown in our illustration for today wherein NS reach a contract of 6H at both tables in an American Tournament wherein the bidding was identical and so was the result.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse TV," Idris Elba joked on stage after winning twice at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, where actors of colour claimed a slew of wins amid a furor in Hollywood over the lack of on-screen diversity.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, organiser of the Oscar awards, pledged last Friday to double its membership of women and minorities by 2020 through an ambitious affirmative action plan that includes stripping some older members of voting privileges.
Bridge has many dimensions. Even in the dummy play there are many inferential clues that need to be grasped by the declarer if he wants to increase his chances of the winning play in a tight contract. A deal from the Bermuda Bowl final is a befitting illustration of how a good declarer can manage to find the winning line if his mind is alert enough to pick the inferential clues.
A real-life homicide, a woman who wakes up after being frozen for 30 years and a close encounter with a whale - these are some of the virtual reality films creating a buzz at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The line-up of no less than 30 immersive experiences - showcased in the festival's New Frontier program - reflects an increasing willingness by filmmakers to experiment with technology that offers a new form of story-telling.
Pop star Miley Cyrus will be the latest muse of Woody Allen as the legendary comedian directs his first television series for Amazon. Cyrus, the 23-year-old Disney actress turned singer and master of provocation, said that she will appear in the yet untitled project that the online retail giant plans to stream later this year. Cyrus posted on Instagram a blue-hued painting of the famously bespectacled Allen, saying that she had kept his picture "next to my bed for a few years."