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Music fans around the world and Minnesota residents have long wondered about Paisley Park, the late pop icon Prince's mysterious studio complex to which few have had full access. On Thursday, the mystery came to an end for some fans who snared tour tickets and descended on the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen to see inside the late "Purple Rain" star's 55,000-square-foot (5,100-square-meter) inner sanctum. The unveiling was decidedly muted. Organisers required ticket holders to meet at an offsite location and be bused into the complex in groups. Fans described the tour as an emotional experience, especially when they were confronted by Prince's ashes in a Paisley Park replica urn.
Actor Tom Hanks said the real draw for him to reprise his role as fictional symbologist Robert Langdon in the film adaptation of Dan Brown's thriller "Inferno" was the chance to be "the smartest guy in the room." "You give me the right amount of verbiage and just enough time to do the right amount of research, and I can convince you that I may be the smartest guy in the room," the actor said with a laugh to reporters last Thursday.
From a mother and daughter duo hooked on denim to an art-inspired fashionista, female designers from ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia stole the limelight at Arab Fashion Week 2016 in Dubai. Models strutted the catwalk late Saturday in mini-dresses, cropped jackets, skin-tight jeans and flamboyantly embroidered transparent blouses.
Defence in Bridge is never easy. All the time as the declarer switches suits and keeps flowing to and fro from dummy in pursuit of finding the required tricks for his bid contract, the opponents defending are kept under constant pressure as far as the discarding goes or the signalling and at times of course the placement of a particular card or distribution with the declarer which would then make it mandatory for the defense to hold on to certain specific cards which could spell defeat for the declarer.
The team behind the James Bond films wants Daniel Craig to return as 007, the spy series' executive producer said last Friday, even after the British actor said he would rather slash his wrists than appear again. The 48-year-old star was "absolutely the first choice We would love Daniel to return as Bond," Callum McDougall told BBC radio.
Despite having no credible evidence to support its farce of a "surgical strike," India tried to get away with this blatant falsehood, mainly to impress its own population but also the international community. Indian commentators and defence analysts duly extolled this "tremendous" achievement, warning Pakistan that "years of turning the other cheek" was now a thing of the past.
Why ask us to plant more trees when hundreds are cut down by builders, developers, crime fighters, and even prize-winning gardeners who do not like falling leaves to destroy the manicured beauty of their lawns. Trees are lungs of earth. They take in carbon dioxide from the air to turn it into oxygen. They take in all the carbon emission from vehicles purifying the air we breathe. But, it appears, this city prefers cars and carbon to more trees.