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Makoto Shinkai has a problem, a big problem. His mystical teenage body-swap movie "Your Name" has become such a massive hit it's beginning to worry him.
In Russia, elderly women are usually expected to forget about fashion and watch their grandchildren. Not 71-year-old Olga Kondrasheva, who is fighting stereotypes by modelling for a glossy magazine.
Reese Witherspoon, fed up with Hollywood gender bias, is calling for an end to the practice of handing excellent actresses only "thankless roles." "I've just had enough. Things have to change," Witherspoon said Saturday during a press event in Pasadena, California. "We have to start seeing women as they really are on film. We have to. And not just in movie theaters on a tiny budget."
In Bridge many a time an average player feels let down when, playing a contract the cards don't favour him the way he wants. He is further aggravated when the same contract at the other table sails home on almost the same opening lead. The declarer at the other table may not be a better player than him. But a close analysis tells us that it was a makeable contract and yet one declarer failed to make. The vital question is why and where did he flounder? Let us find out by a few simple illustrations, the first of which from a team event puts west east in 3NT with the following hands:
The Force is strong in Peru, where visitors shouldn't be surprised to run into Obi-wan Kenobi or Darth Vader. That's because some Peruvian fans of the Star Wars saga have taken their love of the series to a new level by naming their children after characters in the films.
The ability in a declarer at Bridge is measured by the foresight he displays in timing his play and by the vision he shows in assessing the situation accurately to succeed in his contract. Those who can't see beyond their nose often regret their hasty play without imagination and foresight. This ability to look far beyond separate from the average player. Of course in the routine hands everyone plays likewise and it is hard to distinguish the difference. But when a critical hand comes up - a tight contract that has all the loopholes, the expert rises to the occasion while the ordinary player succumbs to the pressure.
When the American Music Awards presented the award for best soundtrack in November, it was 1984 all over again.