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Three and a half years after the Boston Marathon bombing, many of the people who lost limbs in the attack are still struggling to heal their physical and emotional wounds. The first feature-length film about the April 15, 2013 attack and its aftermath, "Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing," tells their stories.
A new film about Jacqueline Kennedy, one of the most photographed yet private women of the 20th century, attempts to get behind her mystique by blending factual events with imagination in the week after the 1963 assassination of her husband, President John. F. Kennedy. "Jackie" opens in US movie theaters last Friday and Reuters spoke recently with actress Natalie Portman about her critically acclaimed performance. Following are edited excerpts.
On a soundstage no bigger than a large bedroom a cameraman takes up various angles to film a helicopter that isn't there, landing in a field that isn't there either. Until recently, virtual reality was the preserve of the gaming crowd but producers say the technology is on the cusp of a boom which could change forever the way television is made.
In Bridge, correct interpretation of opponent's strength and distribution is the key to successful dummy play - so often witnessed when an expert handles the delicate contract. To the less advanced player, this does not come easy and he has to fall back on guess work more often than required. Of course the inferences are always present in some form or the other from which the declarer can easily manage the more difficult contracts and defense.
Models wearing an array of colorful hijabs walked down a Tokyo catwalk last Tuesday in what organizers said was the first such fashion show for Muslim women in Japan. Floral patterns were among the designs adorning long robe garments and matching headscarves at Japan's first "Muslimah Fashion Show", which is taking place as part of a two-day Halal Expo Japan event. Around 10 brands, mainly from Singapore, were showcasing their creations at the Tokyo Modest Fashion Show.
The typical spirit and character of this city was once defined by the fact it was cosmopolitan. It belonged to all who lived here whether they had come here from other parts of the country in search of work, or were permanent settlers. Everyone mattered in their own different ways. The working class generated the wealth of industrialists, the middle-class was educated and sophisticated, the entrepreneurial or business class created money-spinning enterprises.
From the fight against climate change to dwindling budgets for research, the US scientific community fears the worst under Donald Trump, seen by many as the most hostile to science of any American president in history.