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Sometimes a film's locations make viewers say "wow," and on occasion audiences remember a movie's setting better than they do the actors. Action-packed shots racing over majestic mountain peaks, for example, can trigger wanderlust in viewers.
Tributes poured in from around the world Friday following the sudden death at 57 of superstar Prince, with fans flocking to dance parties to celebrate the life of the "Purple Rain" music legend. As US authorities sought to shed light on the singer's mystery death in an elevator at his home in Minnesota, several buildings and websites were colored purple in memory of the performer hailed by President Barack Obama as a "creative icon."
Music superstar Prince death stunned a music world heavily influenced by his string of top-selling hits, gifted songwriting and dynamic stage performances. Here is a look at his legacy:
For a declarer to be good at Bridge, it is necessary that he should think logically and have the foresight to explore all possible avenues in an effort to make his contract which may look easy at first but gets more threatening with the distribution unfolding rather unfavorably.
The Present-day political entity of China was born of people's revolution in the middle of the 20th Century. It would be interesting to map out its first century and project its shape and place in 2050. The history of Chinese civilisation grew in parallel to the Middle Eastern and European civilisations with limited contact except some trade on animals back over the Silk Road that still carries the footprints of history. China was a pioneer in many epoch creating inventions like paper, printing technique, gun powder, etc that transformed life for ever; it also introduced to the world the institution of civil service or bureaucracy. It produced sages like Confucius whose wisdom still continues to light the path to success in myriad areas of life. Any old civilisation like the Chinese is bound to go through lows and highs of history.
Today is World Book Day, the UNESCO established it as annual feature in April 23, 1995 to promote reading habits and publishing. This year the National Book Foundation (NBF) organised a National Book Day Festival, celebrated throughout Pakistan from April 22 to 24. I am writing this column ahead of the festival, but I can predict how it will run. There will be photo ops showing hundreds of people, men, women and children, browsing through books. At the end of the festival the NBF will announce the festival was a great success. Lots of books were sold. The NBF goes home patting itself on the back. We won't hear from them till the next World Book Day in 2017.
Captivating the viewers by their rich colour palette and bold compositions the paintings by Salman Farooqi at Art Citi Gallery, Karachi exuded refreshing energy. He combined physical and mental energy with a wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities.