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Being a critic is a rather thankless job; invariably, however positively a review is articulated, from the subject writer's perspective the review will be deemed to be misconceived and fraught with literary and factual faux pas. And indeed a writer has every right to ridicule and disagree with critique since writing a book is a stressfully tedious enterprise; something which I keep thinking about but have yet to undertake. Accordingly, and as always, I begin with applauding the writer for his efforts and apologize for any omissions on my part.
On Thursday, November 24, 2016 the Sindh Assembly unanimously passed into law a private bill - The Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Bill 2015, making forced conversion a punishable criminal act. It is a signal achievement but the question is: will it ever be physically applied in any case of forced conversion? In actual cases the deciding factor will not be law, it will be the prevailing bigotry, which is the attitude not just of so-called religious groups, but of educated persons like lawyers and ordinary citizens as well who see any favour to minorities to be an act of destroying the Muslim creed.
By the end of Fidel Castro's long life, what he actually said was not quite as important as the fact that he was still talking and writing, and therefore still alive. Years after he stepped down from power in communist Cuba, news of Castro almost always referred to his health condition and his dying eventually.
Film is considered as an important art form, it is not just a popular source of entertainment but also a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating people. Therefore, making a film is an art and now-a-days it has taken a shape of an industry. Films reflect specific cultures thus considered as cultural artifacts and hence in turn affect people belonging to that culture.
Scientists in the United States have developed a flexible microfluidic device that easily sticks to the skin and measures sweat levels to show how the wearer's body is responding to exercise. The low-cost device, which can quickly analyse key elements such as lactate, Ph or glucose levels and let the user know if they should stop or change their activity, could also in future help diagnose and monitor disease, the researchers said.
At North Carolina Children's Hospital, immune-compromised kids can experience the natural environment while getting around hospital rules - digging in dirt, poking into pitcher plants and observing other wonders of nature otherwise prohibited - thanks to a new device called the WonderSphere. The sealed chamber allows hospitalized kids and teens to reach inside, interact with nature, and enjoy scientific experimentation.
Freakishly high temperatures in the Arctic driven by heat-packed oceans and northward winds have been reinforced by a "vicious circle" of climate change, scientists said. Air above the Polar ice cap has been 9-12 degrees Celsius (16.2 to 21.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above average during the last four weeks, according the data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), which tracks hourly changes in Arctic weather.