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The three-day 7th Karachi Literature Festival ended last Sunday. Its advertisement had announced: "The Festival is Free and open to all". That was a mean statement, a joke at the public expense. If the organisers had sincerely meant it, they would have located the festival where everybody who wished to come could do so. The venue Beach Luxury Hotel stands in a place (still called Queen's Road) where the richest people live; where you have the most exclusive, snooty Boat Club. The place never had nor will it ever have a bus route, a taxi stand or rickshaws in its vicinity. So how was the public to reach the venue? Or did the organisers think everyone interested in literature owns private transport?
An Oscar-winning filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy hopes her latest Academy Award-nominated documentary will help bring tougher laws against honour killings in Pakistan, which account for the deaths of hundreds of women and men each year. The film, which follows the story of a young woman who survived attempted murder by her father and uncle after marrying a man without their approval, was nominated for an Oscar in January, prompting Pakistan's prime minister to pledge to take a firm stand against the "evil" practice.
Idrees Hanif has chosen sculptures as a visual mode to communicate with the world. He transformed his creative energy in his sculptures. Experimenting with different odd materials he created sculptures to fulfil his curiosity. He has a distinct style of his own. His preferred mediums to create sculptures was quiet different from his contemporaries. He worked with various materials but wood fascinated him the most.
The claims made for permanent make-up sound tempting: perfectly formed eyebrows, a subtle eyeliner, slightly rosy lips, no wan complexion in the morning, no make-up removal in the evening. Not every woman fancies wearing make-up under - not on - her skin, though.
The Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) has now become the most important part of Karachi's cultural life. The festival reflected our country's diversity in literature. The attendance of authors, writers as well as visitors in large number reflected the depth of our historical, literary, and cultural roots, and the great desire and energy to pursue knowledge, understanding, and creativity. Our rich, ancient and diverse cultures and literatures find their way to homes and minds through books and discussions at KLF.
The new smartphone has finally arrived: You rip it out of the packaging, turn it on and play around with it. But what apps do you really need to install on the phone? Plenty of more or less useful apps come with the device, but they're not enough. Here's a list of apps that the experts say are indispensable.
The seven women, clad in helmets and climbing harnesses, stand uneasily atop a 10-metre-high metal platform in the canopy of a Costa Rican cloud forest. A hole in the tangle of forest greenery reveals a deep gorge with two steel cables strung taut above it. The Rincon de la Vieja volcano isn't far away; moss and ferns, bromeliads and orchids grow on the branches of the trees and the silence is broken only by the twittering of birds.