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For a declarer to be good at Bridge, it is necessary that he should think logically and have the foresight to explore all possible avenues in an effort to make his contract which may look easy at first but gets more threatening with the distribution unfolding rather unfavorably.
Music superstar Prince death stunned a music world heavily influenced by his string of top-selling hits, gifted songwriting and dynamic stage performances. Here is a look at his legacy:
Tributes poured in from around the world Friday following the sudden death at 57 of superstar Prince, with fans flocking to dance parties to celebrate the life of the "Purple Rain" music legend. As US authorities sought to shed light on the singer's mystery death in an elevator at his home in Minnesota, several buildings and websites were colored purple in memory of the performer hailed by President Barack Obama as a "creative icon."
Sometimes a film's locations make viewers say "wow," and on occasion audiences remember a movie's setting better than they do the actors. Action-packed shots racing over majestic mountain peaks, for example, can trigger wanderlust in viewers.
Design classic and symbol of the "dolce vita", the Vespa turns 70 this weekend and Italy's most celebrated scooter is buzzing along nicely after tripling sales in the last decade. It was on a Vespa that Gregory Peck pursued Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday", the 1953 film that helped make the marque synonomous internationally with the Roman capital. But it was actually in Florence that the wasp-shaped two-wheeler was born, Enrico Piaggio having registered the patent in the Tuscan capital on April 23, 1946.
A robot named Root has been developed to expose kids of all ages to coding in a way that brings the often daunting world of computer science to life. Root looks like a smoke detector but is actually a sophisticated robot. A magnetic surface, wheels, and an impressive arsenal of sensors allow it to navigate a classroom whiteboard. But Root isn't actually programed to do anything. Its tasks and functionality hinge on a child's imagination.
The scorching summer heathas already settled in Karachi. The mounting temperature, sweltering air, harsh atmosphere, high humidityleveland heat related ailments has been increasing the demand for the street vended fresh juices and cold desserts day by day.