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On a visit to New Delhi few years ago, this scribe had the good fortune of visiting Quaid-e-Azam's not very well known residence, now in New Delhi. While in Delhi for a conference arranged by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and Abul Kalam Azad Institute, Kolkata, the students arranged a visit to the Jinnah House. Now occupied by Dutch embassy and well maintained the incumbent Dutch ambassador proudly showed us the historic building - the place where the Founder of Pakistan once periodically lived and worked.
Smart phones, laptops, internet, VCRs and other electronic devices have given easy access to films and TV drama serials produced in the West which show sexually explicit scenes. Everybody, including children, teenagers, and adults, who may or may not be interested, are watching them. Even labourers who do not understand a word of English are logging on. This mass voyeurism is uncontrollable.
The Amazon rainforest holds the biological keys to kick-start a "fourth industrial revolution" if its biodiversity is protected, said a study published last Friday. New digital technologies such a 3-D printing and quantum computing create the potential for the Amazon's unique plants to drive major advances in medicine and engineering, said the study by Brazilian scientists.
Diverse artworks attracted art lovers in a group exhibition of three artists Manzoor Ali Solangi, Jam Depar, and Faiz M Supro titled "Rang-e-Soonwilhar" at Kaaf Noon Gallery, Karachi. Each artist had unique perception and inspiration which they expressed using different mediums and styles. Displaying depth and maturity the paintings by the artists tackled various social issues that affect common people of our society.
Luigi Lineri's home workshop is covered in stones - tens of thousands of them. They resemble animal heads, human faces and other forms, and the artist and poet believes may have been shaped by prehistoric humans. Lineri has built his vast collection over the last 50 years, making his finds along the Adige river, near Verona in northern Italy.
From specialised mountain bikes to practical delivery bikes, manufacturers are creating far more diverse ranges of bicycles to suit a growing range of needs. Bicycles on the market are going to become even more varied in future, as makers diversify their ranges, says Arne Bischoff, a close observer of the bike scene from the German cyclist website Pressedienst Fahrrad. We take a look at five areas of cycling where big changes are happening.
Thousands of students, educators, and scholars have learned with great shock and sadness the sad demise of eminent educator, Dr Abdul Wahab. The key education leader remained attached with the education world of Pakistan until his last breath. Dr Abdul Wahab was a former vice chancellor of the University of Karachi, head of the Institute of Business of Administration (IBA) and director of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.