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Last week, dithering with fear, my housemaid told me, "Bibi, hundreds of small children have been kidnapped in Korangi, Qayumabad, Landhi." She lives in Punjab Colony. Not a single case, however, she could report. A similar story was told by a friend living in PECHS. Her housemaid said hundreds of children were abducted from Punjab Colony, Lyari, Saddar. "The maid lives in Essa Nagri, so were cases of kidnapping reported from there? The maid said none.
Pakistan will invest $8.5 million to expand a network of glacier monitoring stations tracking the pace of glacial melt in the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges, in an effort to strengthen early warning systems and reduce the impact of flooding in the South Asian country.
Standing on a pebbled beach on the Greek island of Lesbos, Mehdi Salehi searches for a good spot to set his drone loose. Far from being a hobby flight, this is a project to save the lives of drowning refugees, designed by a 33-year-old Afghan who was once one of them.
As we believe that the dust is the origin of human being and after death one became dust. Artist Saud Baloch following this belief carved sculptures from clay and fiberglass for his solo exhibition titled "Under the Dust" or "Tah-e-Khaak" at Sanat Gallery, Karachi.
It's one of the world's most mysterious books, a centuries-old manuscript written in an unknown or coded language that no one - not even the best cryptographers - has cracked. Scholars have spent their lives puzzling over the Voynich Manuscript, whose intriguing mix of elegant writing and drawings of strange plants and naked women has some believing it holds magical powers.
Children who spend prolonged periods sitting - eating, doing homework, watching television, playing computer games - are at greater risk of long-term health problems, experts are warning. Among them are obesity, metabolic disorders and reduced bone density. The good news is that for many daily activities, it's possible to cut down on sitting or even avoid it altogether.
Usain Bolt had barely crossed the finish line when the world started to ponder the future of the sprint in particular and athletics in general without the Jamaican icon.