Last update: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11am

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A little known Punjab-based political party which calls itself Move On Pakistan (MOP) put up banners in 13 cities across the country urging the army chief General Raheel Sharif to take over and form a government of technocrats. The ISPR quickly distanced itself from the coup posters, saying that the armed forces had nothing to do with the highly controversial banners. The prime minister went into a family huddle to discuss the matter.
Food economist Howarth Bouis is a man with a very big mission: to get staple foods fortified with health-improving vitamins and minerals to 1 billion people in the developing world by 2030. US-based HarvestPlus, the programme he founded to kick-start that process in 2003, has so far reached an estimated 20 million people in poor farming families in its eight target countries in Africa and Asia - an achievement that won Bouis the World Food Prize earlier this month.
Paintings having an abstract touch by Aqsa Shakil seemed to capture the memories of everyday life in a solo exhibition titled "Delineate" at Koel Gallery Karachi. Her perception of memories was depicted in her paintings showing shadows and random splatters of walnut ink.
The reasons experts usually give for eating more fruit and vegetables tend to be about long-term health benefits, but piling on the produce may also improve wellbeing in the shorter term, researchers say. Based on national surveys in Australia, the study team linked increases in fruit and vegetable servings per day to rising happiness over two years.
With all the talk about the risks of "polypharmacy" - being prescribed more than five medications - it might be surprising to learn that not receiving enough of the right prescriptions can also significantly increase your risk of being hospitalised or dying. Yet that is exactly what a new study from Belgium finds.
An expansion of farmland has damaged nature beyond a "safe" limit on 58 percent of the world's land surface, threatening natural services such as crop pollination by insects, scientists said on last Thursday. Grasslands, such as in United States, Argentina, South Africa or Central Asia, are among natural systems most affected by declines in animals and plants caused by human activities, they wrote in the journal Science.
It may be inside a protest rally, or in front of a deadly shooting. Smartphones, video and social media are empowering citizens to tell their stories like never before. This became clear with the live video earlier this month from Diamond Reynolds when she captured the aftermath of the shooting by a police officer of her boyfriend Philando Castile in Minnesota and streamed it live on Facebook.