Last update: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01pm

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The Force is strong in Peru, where visitors shouldn't be surprised to run into Obi-wan Kenobi or Darth Vader. That's because some Peruvian fans of the Star Wars saga have taken their love of the series to a new level by naming their children after characters in the films.
The ability in a declarer at Bridge is measured by the foresight he displays in timing his play and by the vision he shows in assessing the situation accurately to succeed in his contract. Those who can't see beyond their nose often regret their hasty play without imagination and foresight. This ability to look far beyond separate from the average player. Of course in the routine hands everyone plays likewise and it is hard to distinguish the difference. But when a critical hand comes up - a tight contract that has all the loopholes, the expert rises to the occasion while the ordinary player succumbs to the pressure.
When the American Music Awards presented the award for best soundtrack in November, it was 1984 all over again.
As many African women spend much of their spare time in hair salons, Ivory Coast's chief librarian, also a woman, came up with a brainwave scheme to help them read and learn to read. Crammed on shelves between hair extensions, untangling creams and straightening lotions, a total 23 hair salons now offer customers a range of books on loan from the National Library.
Whimsical modern-day musical "La La Land" pirouetted its way into major Oscars contention Sunday as it swept the board at the Golden Globes, the glitziest party of the showbiz year. Damien Chazelle's nostalgic tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals picked up all seven of the statuettes for which it was nominated - giving the film momentum as it launches its campaign for next month's Academy Awards.
Preschoolers whose natural preference is for going to bed and waking up on the late side are more likely than their early-bird peers to have sleep problems, a recent study suggests. Adults and teens with a late chronotype tend to stay up later and wake up later and to have more sleep problems than others, the researchers write in the journal Sleep Medicine, December 3rd.
The car of the future doesn't just want to drive you. It wants to know you. The automotive technology showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show over the past week was in part about self-driving vehicles, but also about personalising the driving experience.