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Pakistan breaks world record of national anthem sung by most people

 KARACHI: A new record was created when around 5,857 Pakistanis simultaneously chanted the national anthem late Saturday night here at the Defence Stadium in keeping with the Independence Day celebrations.

The event was arranged by two youngsters, Abid Beli and Waqas Pai with with no sponsorship or support from the public or private sector.

Families and friends gathered at the venue at around 10 pm. Rangers, police and scout personnel surrounded the stadium with volunteers organising the traffic and guiding the crowd.

Thousands of city dwellers and youngsters with face paint and wristbands of national colours kept waving the Pakistani flag. Distinguished in the parade of national flags, was a 40-metre national flag held by youngsters. Renowned television host, entrepreneur and intellectualist Faisal Qureshi was hosting the event.

Addressing the participants of the ceremony Beli the main organiser congratulated the people for breaking the world record of most people singing the national anthem.

He said that the objective behind organising the event was to motivate Pakistani youth to play their due role in the betterment of society. He was of the view that the bomb blasts across the country including the attack on General Headquarter (GHQ) and Abbottabad operation were the events that compelled the youth to gather up and do something for their country.

Beli further said that earlier, India held the record for most people singing the national anthem but he said, it was a flaw as the Indians had sung ‘Vande Mataram’, which is not their national anthem. He further said that they wrote to the concerned authorities in this regard and in response the title was repealed and awarded to Philippines, where 5,248 students, staff, faculty and alumni of MSU-IIT sang ‘Lupang Hinirang’ Philippines’ national anthem on Sept 1, 2009.

He said that the cost of the event was about Rs0.7 million which was contributed by the organisers and their friends.

Only a minor sponsorship was offered at the eleventh hour, he added. He also appreciated the role of Defence Housing Authority, who provided them the venue without any cost.

Renowned politician Marvi Memon was also present on the occasion. Captain Wasi, who was freed along with his ship crew after a prolonged captivity by the Somali pirates, was also present on the occasion along with his daughter Laila Wasi.

Laila Wasi, a student of grade 6, said that she wanted to see the metropolis becoming the city of peace. She appealed the entire nation to stand united.

Evidence of the tickets, photos and video will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Record as a formality for awarding the record to Pakistan.


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