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IR inspectors, Customs DSs to BS-16: FBR recommends upgradation

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chief of Management has recommended up-gradation of the Inspectors of Inland Revenue and Deputy Superintendents of Customs completing 15 years of their service from grade BS-14 to BS-16.

FBR Chief (Management) Muhammad Asghar vide a letter No: FBR's U.O No 9 (10) S.MIR/2011-PT dated 20.01.2012 has said that Inspectors Inland Revenue appointed in the year, 1984 are still working as inspectors in the same scale whereas Inspectors of Customs appointed in the year, 1988 are also working in the same scale which causes deprivation and de-motivation among them, sources in the Regional Tax Office (RTO) Lahore told Business Recorder here on Friday.

The letter stated that the inspectors of Inland Revenue and Customs (BS-14) are demanding up-gradation to BS-16 on the analogy of inspectors of other departments of the federal and provincial governments. The inspectors of FIA, Capital Police, Pakistan Narcotics Board and a number of other federal and provincial departments were in BS-11 prior to 1990 and 1991, but with the passage of time they have been up-graded to the post of Inspector (BS-16).

The letter further said that the demand of Inspectors Inland Revenue and Customs (BS-14) was earlier considered in the Board but not recommended for up-gradation in BS-16 due to the reason that Inspector Inland Revenue (BS-14) is a feeding post for Inland Revenue Officer (BS-16) and Inspector Customs (BS-14) is feeding post of Deputy Superintendent (BS-15). However, recently post of Auditor (BS-14) which is also feeding post of Senior Auditor (BS-16) has been up-graded to BS-16 without change of designation. Further, the post of Supervisors (BS-10) and Office Superintendents (BS-13) of Inland Revenue have also been up-graded to BS-14 and BS-16 respectively in the recent past.

The government has also up-graded the post of Stenotypist (BS-12) and Stenographer (BS-15) in BS-14 and BS-16 respectively. Besides this, the Establishment and Finance Divisions have also agreed to the up-gradation of the post of Data Processing Supervisor (BS-14), Data Control Supervisor (BS-14), Key Punch Supervisor (BS-14), Data Control Assistant (BS-14) and Data Coder (BS-12) as Data Processing Assistant (BS-16) which has created unrest amongst FBR Inspectors.

Advocating the up-gradation of FBR Inspectors, the letter said that the Inspectors Inland Revenue (BS-14) are the key functionaries who perform all the core functions and duties such as service of various notices, examination of Book of Accounts of taxpayers, preparation of draft notices and assessment orders and recoveries etc. Similarly, Inspectors Customs (BS-14) perform important functions of examination of import/export goods and functions of prevention and security check posts etc and play pivotal role in collection of taxes/revenue for the development of country.

Citing all these examples, the letter recommended to the Establishment division to convey its concurrence to the proposal of up-grading the Inspectors Inland Revenue and Deputy Superintendent of Customs, while they will remain in the same post even after up-gradation. FBR sources told this scribe that up-gradation of Inspectors would not put any extra financial burden on the national exchequer as they are already drawing salaries almost of BS-16 after their long service in the department.

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