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Cruise back with more stunts in 'Mission: Impossible -Rogue Nation'

He's swung around skyscrapers and leapt off buildings, and now Tom Cruise is back in the blockbuster action-movie franchise "Mission: Impossible". And in the latest instalment, he adds a new feat -clinging to the side of a plane as it takes off.

The 53-year old Hollywood star returns as Ethan Hunt in "Mission: Impossible -Rogue Nation", his fifth stint as the secret agent, serving up the usual action-packed and nail-biting scenes.

When he's working on one of the films, "I think, what is going to entertain them, what is going to surprise them and what story are we going to come up with here and how to put these things in," Cruise said at the film's world premiere last Thursday night when asked about the stunts.

"As a filmmaker, it is nice to sit back and dream of these things."

It has been nearly 20 years since the first "Mission: Impossible" film came out, and Cruise said that while he now may be older, he keeps pushing himself.

"I just don't sleep, I just keep going," he said.

In the film, the Impossible Mission Force has been disbanded and Hunt and his team face off with the sinister Syndicate organisation. The film is partly set in Vienna, where Thursday's premiere was held.

"I think there are always big problems to solve and ways to figure it out and the sequences keep you on the edge of your seat ... it's funny and fun and it takes you to a different place," Cruise said. "We have such fun characters in the movie."

The film also stars Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Ferguson.

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