Last update: Mon, 08 Feb 2016 03pm

Time has come to eliminate menace of terrorism: CM Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the national action plan adopted unanimously by the national leadership has a decisive significance against terrorism and the time has come to root out the menace of terrorism for the stability and progress of the country.

"Victory in the war against terrorism is the only option and the terrorists and their facilitators will find no place to hide and these enemies of humanity will face a crushing defeat," Shahbaz said while talking to assembly members of various districts who met him, here on Monday. The Chief Minister said that elimination of terrorism is essential for stability and prosperity of the country and every member of the society will have to play his due role for eradication of the menace of terrorism from the country.

He said that terrorism will have to be rooted out for the survival, stability, progress and prosperity of Pakistan as well as ensuring a safe future for the coming generations. He said that the country is passing through a critical era and the existing extraordinary situation demands extraordinary measures.

He said that the bold decisions taken by APC will prove to be a milestone in the war against terrorism. He said that the exemplary unity and consensus shown by the leadership of the country is of historic importance for ensuring a safe Pakistan for the future generations. He said that terrorists will be held accountable for their cruelty and barbarism.

Shahbaz Sharif said that there is no room for terrorists and extremists in the country and the whole nation has awakened and become united to root out this scourge. He said that terrorism will be eradicated with the force of unity. He said that victory is the only option in the war against terrorism as this war is for the survival of the country. He said that political, military and religious leadership has adopted a unanimous action plan for eliminating the menace of terrorism. He said that speedy implementation of the national action plan will restore peace in the country. He said that the elements playing with innocent lives will meet their logical end and the time for accountability of these brutal elements has come. The Chief Minister said that the unity and determination of the national leadership against terrorism gives a strong message to terrorists that the country will be purged of terrorism on permanent basis and they will be held accountable for every drop of blood of the martyrs.

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