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Partnership with communities

Every organisation should be judged not only on its performance and results but also n how it serves its key stakeholders, namely its customers and the community. Standard Chartered Bank makes a difference in the communities they operate in. its efforts in sustainability in Pakistan focus on education and preventable blindness.

In order to expand access to promote education it provides more than 2,000 scholarships to less privileged students. Under preventable blindness, so far, some 566,000 cataract operations have been performed. A local initiative undertaken thus year, the Pakistan Urban Pediatric Eye Care Programme, aims to screen an estimated 1.7 million less privileged children for eye impairments across five major cities in the country.

In recognition of the banks' efforts on eradicating preventable blindness it was invited by the Government of Pakistan to become a full member of the National Steering Committee for Eye Health (NSCEH). Moreover, to address the impact of the devastating floods of 2010, the Bank provided relief to some 100,000 people (15,000 families). In 2011, it offered each member of the staff three days paid leave for community volunteering.

Standard Chartered Bank's employees in Pakistan responded by clocking in over 8,000 volunteering days to communities. Standard Chartered Pakistan takes a long-term view of the consequences of its actions to ensure that the Bank builds a sustainable business through social inclusion, environmental protection and good governance. It is committed to continue growing its business here and to provide the best financial solution to its customers, in line with it brand promise "Here for good".

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