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Message from Finance Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan

It is very heartening to note that over the last 150 years, Standard Chartered has been in the bank forefront in the banking industry. The Bank survived the boom and gloom cycles of the 19th Century, the Great Depression and World War-II.

It has been a pioneer in many areas of financial services including ATMs, online services and various innovative products. In Pakistan, it was the first interanitonal bank to be awarded an Islamic banking license and helped open a new chapter in the country's Islamic banking growth when it opened its first Islamic banking branch.

The Bank has been able to grow into an established global bank because it takes a long-term perspective of its business. The Bank maintains a strategic focus and builds lasting relationships with its customers.

Over the years, the Bank's commitment to its services, technology and community involvement has not changed. It has kept up with the times. I commend Standard Chartered Bank on its commitment to Pakistan during the good and not so good times and its contributions to the community. I congratulate Standard Chartered Bank on its 150th anniversary. I am confident that the Bank, inter-alia will continue to play a significant role towards Pakistan's development.

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