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MEDICAM GROUP OF COMPANIES: 'Medicam is the only herbal toothpaste in Pakistan and a market leader'

The life of any Corporate and organization depends upon the leadership and its vision. Medicam Group of Companies had very active leadership and its name is on the top these days. The main reason behind its success if continuous growth, increase in sales and improvement in profit. All these success and improvement is due to the qualified and expert staff. They are always trying for something new.

They are too much professional. This was stated by Khalil Ahmed Nanitalwala, Chairman Medicam Group of Companies. He said that we started from pharmaceutical business then we diverted to manufacturing rather than trading for various reasons. Now we have different companies, Woodwards Gripe Water, Touchme Natural Toothpaste, Shampoo, Cosmetics, etc we didn't have the experience of cosmetics but this business proved to be more beneficial than pharmaceutical for me. We tried to make state of the art products with least possible cost. That way every one can afford our products. We don't use substitutes for any company from which we buy raw material, the company, which we used in 1978; we still use that company even if they raise their prices, because no matter what, we will never compromise on quality.

Answering a question regarding Herbal medicines, Khalil Ahmed Nanitalwala said that we had organized a Herbal division recently, so that we can use them in our products. Regarding Medicam products as household, he said they are not only protecting teeth, but also can be used as a medicine. Most of our customers use Medicam toothpaste as a medicated toothpaste and keep them in home. Medicam is for all time using toothpaste. Medicam toothpaste is a market leader these days. It is completely herbal and has no chemical. We have purchased rights of gripe water for Sri Lanka and Pakistan. We purchased gripe water in 1995. He said openly that gripe water is a traditional medicine.

About sales and marketing, he said that we also give our sales people incentives, all those who reach our targets are sent aboard for tours. This way their morals get boosted and they get entertainment, recreation and relaxation of mind as well, which helps them perform better. He said that advertisement campaign of children medicines are banned in Pakistan. No country in the world had banned such advertisement campaigns of children medicines. This ban will continue for ten years in Pakistan. Most of our herbal medicines will be for children and we will bring these medicines in 2012.

Khalil Ahmed Nanitalwala said that Medicam have two additional benefits. It work as a protective toothpaste. The whole family may use it for all types of teeth problems. No other toothpaste has such benefits. The five items used in Medicam toothpaste are for teeth protection. Our user is our advertiser. If Medicam toothpaste goes to one home, than it becomes house hold there.

About price hike and rise in electricity prices and changes in monetary policies, he said that we keep our profit very low. Our prices are not more than multinationals. However, our plants are good than multinationals. We have five state of the art plants. We manufacture three brands, including Medicam, Minto and Natural. They are all popular and have strong position in market. We had worked more on Medicam. Research work was done in Germany.

Answering another question, Chairman of Medicam Group of Companies Khalil Ahmed Nanitalwala said that general toothpaste has fashion attraction. They are only purchased for attraction. But Medicam has more importance and popularity than other toothpastes present in the markets.

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