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Leading Bank using Dialogic Power Media with OneView Apps by ZRG to achieve customer satisfaction with efficiency

Call centers, also referred to as Contact centers, help organisations in delivering valuable assistance to their clients in a friendly and an efficient manner with complete documentation. Contact centers play a vital role for both the customers and service providers in making the effective delivery of information and services possible to a dispersed customer base.

ZRG, a company that is recognised as a pioneer in the region in the field of Contact Center, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Self-Service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies, has been at the forefront of call center technology since 1994.

In addition to successfully deploying superb quality software systems in the national market, ZRG is among a handful of companies in the country that export information technology solutions and services to the international markets.

This article provides a ZRG success story of a 150 seat financial contact center deployment at Bank of Khartoum (BOK), the largest bank in Sudan. BOK was planning on rolling out a wide range of innovative products and services. BOK's goal was to create an edge by offering innovative ways of delivering the services resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

ZRG solutions team provided a fully integrated OneView contact center solution to BOK. The solution is equipped with Dialogic Power Media technology platform running OneView business application suite. OneView provided all the required features of communication and business apps needed by the contact center team under a single unified platform.

The BOK contact center business and IT users did not have to deal with multiple platforms or co-ordinate with multiple providers during installation, integration with backend and for ongoing customisations and report development.

By deploying a comprehensive and flexible contact center solution, BOK customer service team has become fully equipped to support the launch of advanced banking products and has acquired capabilities to utilise multiple communication channels for delivering services in an environment best suited for an excellent customer experience.

ZRG has repeatedly shown the effectiveness and advantages of a one-window integrated business communication platform over traditional approach of putting together solutions that depend on the involvement and co-ordination of two, three or more providers and vendors.

This success story demonstrates that by using the right combination of an expert and dedicated provider and an integrated proven technology platform, a contact center can achieve great results in a cost-effective, hassle-free and reliable way.


Today BOK provides a growing range of banking products to its customer spread across 55 branches nation-wide through a fully equipped and dedicated customer services contact center.

But during mid 2008, the bank was facing a situation where the aggressive company plans called for introducing new products Personal loan, Easy instalment plan for consumer items, Debit visa card, Home loans and Credit cards with all products backed by the best and most advanced customer services.

These new products could only be launched and supported through a contact center that would offer maximum customer convenience and accessibility along with full integration with backend data and complete suite of management tools.


At the time, the BOK did have basic contact center set-up that was based on a few direct phone lines and extensions of its office PABX, where calls were answered by a few representatives.

This set-up posed serious limitations because it could not keep with the product introduction and customer growth plans of BOK:

Some of the identified challenges included issues related to the limited information and very few services, customer accessibility to the available services, lack of self service, time spent during customer identification, no call recordings, paper based processing and scarce documentation. The whole set-up was operating in a reaction based mode.

The BOK Contact center project is aimed at improving service quality, providing 24/7 information, delivering personalised services, quickly bringing out new and innovative products and offering a one-window facility to the clients for all relationship management.

Since the earlier contact center set-up was not designed for supporting advanced services for a larger customer base, the problems were becoming increasingly difficult to solve.

In the light of the above facts, the management of BOK IT and Business teams concluded that the bank needed to equip the contact center facility and the team with state of the art technology.

The target was set to acquire a flexible solution that would incorporate self-service automation, scalable set of services, seamless data and application integration, multiple communication channels, optimised resource allocation techniques and complete documentation of all activities and events.

The Technology Partnership

Bank of Khartoum turned to ZRG International, a leading IT and telecommunications solutions specialist for its requirements. ZRG team provided answers to all the questions and addressed the concerns of the bank with in-depth explanation.

As a result, BOK management expressed complete satisfaction and comfort level with ZRG's experience and solution and selected ZRG for their contact center project.

OneView Solution

ZRG worked very closely with BOK teams to identify the exact requirements and proposed futuristic approach for the new contact center.

ZRG designed a flexible and modular Financial Contact Center platform with features customised for the needs of BOK including a multi-lingual (English and Arabic) self-service Interactive Voice Response, on-screen Soft Phone and CRM suite with contact management applications for Live Agent desktop, CTI for smart routing and call handling.

The entire suite of apps was linked with the backend ATM switch and Banking data host and communication gateway. Here are some of the key modules available in OneView Software Suite.

1. Intelligent ACD Software - A multi-media channel enabled ACD for customised rules and skills-based call routing, routing and queuing using SIP.

2. ComDeck - A full featured IP Soft Phone software for agent to receive and process customer contacts using voice, email, fax and SMS.

3. Unified CTI Desktop - An integrated application screen linked with the backend databases. The desktop provides the following powerful capabilities:

a) Customer profile - Display complete profile and entire relationship information whenever the customer contacts.

b) PIN Management - TPIN management like generation, regeneration, reset

c) Account information - Information about asset and liability accounts, balance, statement

c) eForms - On-screen forms for a fast moving, paper-less office environment for processing requests for cheque book, stop payment, pay order, demand draft, certified checks, funds transfer.

d) Complaint - Register and automatically route complaints to relevant desk or back office. Uses user-defined escalation matrix to highlight overdue requests.

e) Leads - Capture key information from prospective customers. Inquiries are instantly forwarded for processing using call flow scripts.

f) FAQ - Used for providing answers to customer queries Any local or remote web pages can be displayed in this tab.

4. Self-service banking - A multi-lingual IVR that answers all incoming calls. Integrated with customer data, the IVR offers services such as authentication, account selection, TPIN generation, Card blocking, Balance inquiry, mini statement, Product details and forms by fax on demand.

5. SMS gateway - A flexible media application integrated with ATM transaction server to generate an alert SMS whenever there is account activity.

6. Management Apps - A suite of performance and quality measurement applications include Soft Wallboard, Call Recording and Playback, Supervisor view and a comprehensive reporting application.

The Dialogic solution runs on high-availability servers and cost-effective desktop workstations. Multiple LAN servers in a distributed, multi-node architecture provide "always available" capability. Servers with computer telephony (CT) interfaces are connected with telephone lines from the telephone exchange.

These tools make it straightforward for the supervisors and management to assess, review and evaluation the service level of the center. Because of a modular architecture, the solution offers easy scalability from very small to very large systems.


The new contact center allows customers to access a wide range of information about their account and BOK products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, requiring least amount of resource.

Call distribution and routing rules help to identify the calling subscriber, assign priorities, select the agent with the right skills, and route the call correctly. This has resulted in faster call processing and reduced the time callers wait in the queue.

The contact center initiative by Bank of Khartoum has produced several strategic benefits for the bank including increased customer retention and loyalty, competitive edge over other banks, increased ability to capture new markets and customers and faster launches of new products and services.

According to the BOK management, "First of its kind in the Sudan, our 24/7 contact center is using voice, email, fax and SMS delivery channels through which our customers and prospects can reach us more easily and at any time they want."

About Bank of Khartoum

BOK offers services to Corporate, Retail, Microfinance and investment Business Segments; it also owns various subsidiaries in Trade, Exchange, Brokerage, and Commercial Real-estate.

The equity of the bank as of December 2012 is SDG 860 Million. Headquartered in Khartoum, BOK has 1300 employees, with 55 bank branches and the largest ATM and CDM network expand to over 200 locations in the coming six months. The Bank has a state-of-the-art 24 hour contact center, Premier (AlNukhba) Banking and a full suite of e-services which include online banking, SMS alerts and mobile banking.

Its major shareholders include predominate local and regional Businessmen and various institutions such as Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the Islamic Development Bank Jeddah, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, United Arab Emirates Etisalat. For more information about BOK, visit www.bok-sd.com

About ZRG International ZRG is the leading Contact Center and CTI specialist company that inspires the regional leading contact center and telecommunication professionals to elevate the performance of customer interaction operations.

Since 1994, ZRG has been offering innovative and flexible solutions for multi-channel Contact Center, CTI, IVR, Call Recording, Complaint Desk, Ordering and Workflow Management needs.

In collaboration with global communication manufacturing giant, Dialogic Inc, ZRG has successfully delivered Enterprise level business communication solutions to prestigious organisations in the banking and financial services, telecoms, insurance, courier, pharmaceutical and energy service industries in the national and international market. Leading brand organisations have found Dialogic technology to be highly effective, flexible and durable as evident from the long term satisfied clients and engagement periods of 10 years and more.

Some of the key clients of ZRG solutions include prestigious banks, financial service and customer service organisations such as Bank AL Habib, Bank of Khartoum, Sudan, Soneri Bank, HBL UAE (international), NIFT, Albaraka Bank, Burj Bank, First Women Bank, KASB Securities, NAFA, NIB, Silk Bank, Bank Alfalah in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Additional clients include leading brands such as TCS, Pakistan State Oil, Toyota, EFU Life Assurance, MultiNet, Sanofi Aventis, Singer, PTCL and Allianz. By delivering complete satisfaction, ZRG has become a well-reputed name among the leading contact center and business telecom professionals. We are known for our in-depth domain knowledge, our early project completion, a suite of flexible solution, a proven track record and an excellent reference from the market. More information about OneView and other solutions by ZRG can be requested by sending email to zrg-edesk@zrg.com or visiting www.zrg.com.

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